Sunday, February 12, 2012


When it comes about love, its so complicated. There are no exact definition about what love is? How love is suppose to be. Every human being will experienced all different types of love.Love can come in so many ways. When its about love, you can judge and help people who have problems in their love life. But when you experience difficulties your self, you will automatically become weak and helpless..

I've seen and heard so many love stories, from being happy to a heart broken stories. From a smiling to a tears running all day long. sometimes its not about how long we know the person or how long the relationship have been. There are no definite time frame how long the person gonna love us. Anything can happen. Love is more of like a risk. A risk that you take and make sure your heart wont feel the hurtfulness and the heartache that sometimes barely can be supported by one body.

Its so weird how some people can easily forget and move on so easily compare to others. Either they pretend they are strong or they just not into u. Some people they hardly fall in love. But when they finally love someone they will love the person no matter what. Or, some people in and out of love like a punch card. easily come and easily go. So it all depends on how you handle you heart or how you wish to react.

Well, Me myself been single but it doesnt mean that i dont love anybody. I do actually but i showed in other ways.  I know how wonderful to be in love and to be cared. Sometimes i feel so weird where people still asking me for my advice about their love life when the fully aware that im single and not so much been in relationship. From my experience nowaday some of my friends tend to married someone else and not their high school lovers or even more longer relationship that they in for so many years. The next thing i know they met someone new and a year later they engage and married. Told ya, its not about how long you've been in the relationship. Remember it takes two to tango.

This post just about expressing how i actually let go the person i love and used to thought he was my soulmate although we only best friends. We've known each other for 12 years now. Somehow no matter where i went or how we actually seperate and gone missing we always fated to be meet again in so many ways. We knew and accept our flaws cause hey thats what best friend is. We more of into a comfort zone where always care even not knowing that we always be there for each other. Well thats how i think of him. His there the first time i got my heartbroke.His there to care when im in a deep shit. Its funny, although not physically but we are connected somehow. We always be happy for each other and respect each other partners.

One day i realized that i love him more than a friend. But because things get so complicated i left him so my heart wont hurt as much as he cant return my love. Although he did mention that he never knew i would love him that much and he keep his love for me all this while as he never thought there would be more than a friend relationship. However, at that moment its just a lil too late for us to be together. After few months of no success of getting rid of him from my mind. I decide to remain friends. ahahahhaa...well our ship is start as friends so all we have to do is back to basic.

Once i left for Sydney, i decided not to be in touch and let them be happy. However something happen and teach me a lesson not to push someone u care away. So we're back again in contact. Then a news hit me and his getting engage soon. So for our own good and the means of in contact again is to say our final goodbye. Although it breaks my heart and like the end of the world. I know its the right and the best thing to do and if god will we'll meet again in future as friends once again. Just because we cant be together doesnt mean we dont love each other as we always do for the last 12 years of friendship.

Be happy and life must go on. To those who in heartbroke. Open up ur mind and think wise. If it meant to be it will happen..If its not, then something better is prepare for you in future. Have faith and never regret anything that happen in your life. Believe that things happen for a reason. Sooner or later you'll find out why it is meant to be like that.

End of my love story and love post.


For those who love to eat squid pepper..Here how i actually cook my squid pepper... Easy and very quick to cook...

Like wise the ingredients needed:

Calamari (white squid) to be cut
Slice red chili
salt and pepper

slice onion


First dip the cut calamari into egg and then into flour. It will look like this:

Then deep fried for a while until it looks crunchy and brownish.

Remove the oil and left a lil bit of oil in the same pan. Fry the cut onion and chilies for one minute. Add the fried calamari and also the salt and pepper according to ur own taste. 

WALLA...D SQUID AND PEPPER is ready to be serve..



Next simple recipe is TUNA PUFF
This what i make myself

This recipe I learned from KAK SITI who once my mom P.A...This u shud definately try while u sitting and relaxing while watching tv especially during winter time since its so nice to eat while its freshly out from the oven.

The inside ingredient as mention by KAK SITI:

A can of tuna(any brand) -
would be better if its a bit oily

Dice onions and tomatoes

Mix all together in a bowl.. 
Then cut the puff pastry into square.

Put the mix ingredient in the middle and fold it.
Bake it until it turns brown (10-15 minutes) and its ready to be serve.



Okay okay as requested by my dear friend....well it is a good idea for me to also include in my blog the recipe i once cook and of coz will be cook forever by me..AIR TANGAN lah katakn..ahahahha...

Today new dessert and simple recipe is AGAR-AGAR 2 layer..
This one I make it myself

Alamak dah terasa macam tulis buku masakan lah plak..hauhahaa mana lah tahu kan..ahahhaa..sorry sempat lagi berangan...btw this receipe I learned from Aunty Saudah...She's a really good cook especially with the traditional kuih muih. Unlucky me tak sempat blaja do all the learned the most simple one..ahahahhaa...take 10 min to do...

lets listed the ingredient that is needed..

1 pack of agar2 .. here I used this...
which can make 900ml of agar2...

one of this kind gula melaka...
any jenama will do..ahahahaa...

1 small kotak of coconut cream
which around 500ml

sebiji telur ayam

okay lets start wif the process of making this agar2

1. Cairkan gula merah with 400ml of water. Masak atas api..
2. In seperate periuk, cairkan agar2 with 500ml of water.
3. In seperate bowl mix the coconut cream and one egg.
4. When the agar2 complete desolve..add the gula merah..
5. Then slowly pour the mix of coconut and egg into the agar2.
6. Let the agar2 boiled and pour the mixture in bowl of your own shape.
Let it cool and put in fridge..Few hours later..its ready to be serve

note: you can also make into colourful agar2 by using normal sugar added with pewarna makanan instead of using gula melaka.


Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Cool facts yet i think its true abt me..check it out your name at

1. The name of Teartika creates a very quiet, practical nature and a clever and inventive mind.

2. Being analytical and naturally studious, you are interested in a factual understanding of the mysteries of life.

3. Your methodical nature requires that you like to finish what you start without interruptions and also to have everything in its place and properly organized.

4. An ability to concentrate could take you into computer programming or accountancy or any work requiring concentration and attention to detail.

5. You have, also, a flair for creative expression with your hands.

6. You take life seriously and can be easily and deeply hurt and go into moods which can be quite extreme at times, causing much turmoil and happiness.

7. Although the name Teartika creates an interest in the deeper aspects of life, we emphasize that it limits your versatility and scope, turning you to technical details.

8. This name, when combined with the last name, can frustrate happiness, contentment, and success, as well as cause health weaknesses in the heart lungs, bronchial area, and elimination systems.

So now i know whats the meaning of my name and also my character i bring with this name..INTRESTING aite...