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  • Is a stepping stone to Akhirat
  • It is a test to enter Jannah or Jahannam
  • Choose the greatest example to be followed.
  • Read and understand the Quran to build a connection with ALLAH and everything else will fall to place.

  • Build the connection to ALLAH, learned to LOVE ALLAH. Once you learned to LOVE ALLAH you will stay away from Syaitan and know what to avoid the HARAM and ZINA of the Dunya. In shaa ALLAH you’ll be safe. 
  • The heart that absorbs the LOVE of ALLAH will throw away all that is HARAM. 
  • ALLAH loves us more than a mother LOVES her kid. Would a mother throw her kids into fire? NO right. ALLAH too don’t want to throw us to be thrown into fire of HELL.
  • KNOW ALLAH & PROPHET MUHAMMAD by heart and there will be no problem in worshipping ALLAH and also no issues in knowing the deen of ALLAH.
  • If there’s a will there away. If you keep giving excuses then you don’t really know ALLAH and Prophet Muhammad by heart.

Example: How many kids these days know the name of the soccer players in a team? Or even the famous celebrities? The questions is HOW MANY KIDS THAT KNOWS THE NAME OF THE 25 RASULS or even the name of PROPHET MUHAMMAD in FULL??
Syaitan is planning how to defeat us, how to get rid of us here in the Dunya. Therefore we need to plan better how not to be defeated by Syaitan.

How to measured it:
S - Specific
M - Measured
A - Achievable
R - Realistic
T - Time

  • We can learned SPECIFIC knowledge from the Quran.
  • The relationship of Sahabat Rasulullah with Quran is like our relationship with the phones. 
  • How we constantly look at our phones is how they look at the Quran.
  • If we do that today, we won’t have issues.
  • Quran is the soul of knowledge.
  • Memorize the Quran.
  • Understand the Quran

How much you want to read or memorize the Quran : 
  • 1 Juz eveday or may be 1 juz every week.
  • 1 page every day or 1 page ev week 
  • 1 hadith every week.

Can you achieve the desired number you wish to complete.
Can you read or memories as minimum as 1 ayat a day may be.
The answer is : YES. It is achievable. Recite every day after Subuh prayer. The best time.

It is realistic to spend 1 hour a day to gain the knowledge of ALLAH.
ALLAH like ibadah that is little but consistent.

Give yourself a time period to achieve it for example, memories the Quran in a year or may be Khatam the Quran every month.



• The Quran has 604 pages
• No one will inform you about Allah better than Allah
• No one will tell you of what Allah seeks of you better than Allah
• No one will question you about the exists of this life more than Allah
• No one will give you greater hope and inspiration for what will come in the future life than the words of Allah.
• No one can describe the mercy of Allah better than Allah
• No one will speak to you of the wrath and anger of Allah more than Allah
• The Prophet Muhammad SAW has been given a direct and defines scope – he has no greater duty and no more specific role ila Rasul except to deliver a message.
• He was a conveyer. He was given names, titles, roles and duties. (Example : Prophet of God, Messanger of God, I’m the one who had send you, a giver of good news, a warner, the one who invite to the path of God by the permission that has been given to him by Allah, the lit flame of light in the world of darkness)

Begin connecting with the Quran by:

  • Understand its importance in your life.
  • Honour it in its text (book form) of its design and precision of its page.
  • Publishing: it was reviewed by hundreds of people before it was printed. The colour and the texture of the page. Psychological test were done of to what colour of the background to keep the attention of the people to keep looking at it.
  • It is an inheritance process of honouring the word of Allah.
  • The art of calligraphy is part of the connection with the Quran. Learning how to write it. The evaluation of the Arabic language and letter is meant to connect people with the Quran.
  • One of the ways to preserve the knowledge of the Quran is writing it down.
  • Not only in recites it but write it.
  • Allah commands us in the most eloquent ways: this Quran leads you to a path of righteous.
  • Part of the connection of Quran lead you to which is best in the moments of life.
  • Quran: What is best of what is right. Not just limiting to what is not appropriate but it about staying the way and limiting even what is least appropriate. Try to find the path of ALLAH.

Connect with the Quran in physical way by:

  • Honour it on the top of the shelf. Book of Fiqh (usually in the lower shelf). The Quran will be the top of the shelf followed by the book of Tafsir (the explaination of the Quran).

Our Heart:

  • Has been locked away from the Quran.
  • In the Quran you will find that everything leads you to ALLAH.
  • If you read the Quran and leads you to disconnect from others, means you reading it wrong.
  • Means you are not connecting and correcting with the Quran.
  • If it makes your hearts flows of the mercy of Allah – the Quran leads you to pass Allah and not to him.
  • (Alhamdulillahi rabbil alamin)Begin to thank Allah for what he has allowed you to discover of his Mercy.
  • (Arrahmaanirrahiim)Remember he is Ar- Rahman and Ar-Rahim, the giver of mercy, the gracious one.
  • (Maaliki yaumiddiin ) The one ultimate responsible too. The only one dominates on the day of judgement when people will be accountable to him.
  • The role of Prophet Muhammad – a witness onto of action of mankind and not to as ultimate judge.
  • On the day of judgement then Allah will tell who is right and who is wrong and who was true and who wasn’t.
  • (Iyyaka na’budu waiyyaaka nastaiin) For this reason I will turn to you and worship Ya Allah and for this reason i will seek assistance and asked for help Ya Allah.
  • (Ihdinashirratal mustaqim ) Ya Allah lead me to a path that is upright
  • (Shiratalladzina an’amta alaihim) the same path that you lead the nation before us. Lead us to it.
  • (Ghairil maghduubi alaihim waladhaalin) not a path of those who deviate and not the path that leads to your anger.
 In Quran
  • There is no doubt.
  • In it find the guide but it is not for everyone.
  • Why we don’t connect with the Quran? Why we struggle to enact and to apply it. Why hard to memories it?
  • Guide to who? : ultimate guide for the one who approached it with sincerity.
  • If you read it and you still doesn’t get the answer that you were looking for, although you study the Quran well but u still doesn’t seems to feel peace and still looking for inner peace. Therefore the problem is not the Quran. The problem is your heart.
  • Acknowledge Allah internally more than you care what people see about you privately.
  • If you find it is difficult to reconcile in your life from the word of Allah, knows it bcause your heart is not able to access it.
  • Humble the heart to the word of God.
  • Difference between listening and hearing the Quran.
  • It absorbs within you its messages.
  • Fear the Quran.
  • It is the proof of Allah for the one who knows it.
  • The Quran speaks about the people in the Hell Fire.

The Quran speaks about the people in the Hell Fire shall be kindle upon them.

1. The 1st people held accountable is not the one who doesn’t pray, but a man who Allah gives knowledge of this faith to a point he fluent and precise in the reading of Quran. Where Allah gives the platform and teach about the Quran, spread to the land. They were given opportunity to learned and to teach.

  • In the here after: they will be brought infront of humanity in this dunya and in the akhirat. Allah will asked what have you done with the blessed that i gave you? - i recite the Quran, acquire knowledge and disseminate it and taught it to others.
  • You get reward of the dunya by people praising you but not a reward that Allah honoured you. You had the Quran only on the tongue and not in the heart. Your heart walked away from it.
  • They will read the Quran but lack of sincerity of the heart which doesn’t touch the heart.
  • If by reading the Quran leads you away from humanity, especially those who judge.
  • Allah is the only judge of humanity

2. The 2nd person is when you recite the Quran by tongue. but its message of ease & mercy, compatibility, facilities, Rahmat has not touched the heart.

  • Prophet Muhammad Speaks about people whose message of the Quran is alter to shift in according to a moment in time that they see its usages is fits.
  • It will happen in every consecutive generation as they twisted for a reason that is suited time.
  • Prophet describes them: they will read the Quran, their tongue is full of it. When you see them in practice but lack sincerity of the heart.
  • When you see them, how devoted they are, how good they are? but the word of God hasn't touched the heart.
The more you know of it, the more compassion and mercy and kindness, you have humanity even when you opposed it. You hold people accountable knowing Allah is the judge of humanity.

Connect with the Quran.
1. You need a teacher.

  • Our Prophet Muhammad SAW reviewed his reading with Jibrail will decent and recite it to Prophet Muhammad and will reviewed with Jibrail on every Ramadhan.
  • The Quran is taught by best the people generations in an honourable platform and ways.
  • Could be absorbed from the majority of ulama.
  • Must be competent and the reading and understanding the word of Allah.
2. The Quran was meant to be recited at night.

  • Privately, it's the moment of quiet.
  • Allah says: “Oh Muhammad stand before me in the night, dept of the night, few hours.”
  • At least read 100 ayat a night after Isyak.
  • The one who will stand before Allah they will hate the bed to stand before Allah.
  • We havent make effort, we dont take the Quran seriously.
  • The Quran wants you, invites you.
  • The best time to read the Quran would be an hour right before Fajar(subuh).
  • Grow closed to ALLAH.
3. Appreciate our Nabi Muhammad SAW- the conveyer of the Quran.

  • Because the gate wait of the Quran and its understanding.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

FLORIADE 2017 (Tulips Festival)

So since floriade was on, me with and my friends well technically they younger from me so dah kira macam adik2 lah.. we pick a date and decide to go for it. Driving to Canberra took us around 3 hours from Sydney. So gilir2 lah drive. lama tu. So masa pergi me drive 2 hours and then we make a pit stop where i always mcm wajib stop situ for picture sbb just love to see keindahan ciptaan Allah gitu. So lapang! Ahahhaha pastu baru Nani drive to canberra and straight to floriade. And dalam Canberra Wanie drive everywhere. hehehee.. and balik after the mocha from the Oliver Brown kicks in Nani straight drive 3 jam.. hehehee.. TQ chu ols...

Nie acah2 photoshoot gitew.. so out of 5 of us, as u can see 4 of us girls eheheheh.. nasib lah izzat which the only male among us. Selamat melayan kerenah2 us girls ek mengambil gambar. Ahahahhaa...

This is when photographer pown kena snap sbb dia yg amik picture tapi dia pown sama posing ahahahahahhahahahahaa.. hey what can i do. I just used to it. Ahahahahhaa... nways the journey continue.
So this is my 3rd time went for Floriade. Slalu pegi akhir2 dekat2 nak abes. Tahun nie ingat lah g awal sikit like the 1st week of the events. And very dissapointed sbb tak byk plak tulips. Owh Floriade nie is actually a tulip festival. The place will be fill up with tulips everywhere! But it turn out to be awal2 tulip tu tak kembang lagi... sabo je lah. Learned my lesson to always go middle or end of th event. Usually d event went on for 3-4 weeks.

So this year theres are so many other installation or sculpture instead just the ferris wheel and the flowers. The flowers is arrange based on something. If u manage to get from a higher view u will see those designs. But if see paras mata biasa mmg nampak just scattered of flowers je.

A Gilt Frame
Sky of Tents
Nani with Henrietta
Us with the Dearest
The Grove
Well we had so much fun try to be creatives how to pose! Ahahahahha... so this is some of the outcomes from it. U really have to think outside the box how to pose and all. Ahahhahaa... take ur time and just explore the place. Kalau tak mmg rasa alaaa bunga alaaa mcm budak2 lah nie alaaaa malu lah nak posing.. then i tell u tak yah pegi sbb ull get bored if u not having a fun mode on. Besides that, tahun nie byk lagi stalls and all. Mama kalau pegi she’ll be exploring them insteads of being like us kids ahahahaha so boleh je bawak mak2 or bapak2 here coz they might find other thgs interesting.

Here some more pictures hasil tangkapan gitew while we were there.. and also some of behind the scene picture while the shooting in place. ahahahaa... i really though kitaorg nie orang ingatkan memang model from overseas sebab helok lepas kitaorang amik gambar people pown sibuk nak dekat our place ahahaha... call me perasan but thats how i actually feels. Mana tak nya, sorang posing sampai 2-3 orang amik gambar ahahahahhaaa... giteww... 


Well the purpose of me pergi tempat2 macam nie memang to snap some of the good photos of me. TQ to them and their awesome camera!!! and also some using my iphone je so here some of the hasil. Angle pown baik ahahaha.. im so getting their camera!! ehehhehee... so next time gi ngan sape pown boleh snap good photos!

So may be ill go again next year kalau ada rezeki. Tapi mmg kna g dgn geng yg rajin mengambil ur picture lah if not ull be bored to death. Ahahaha plus alaaa pictures would always be memories to be remembered not only by heart but its a proof that uve been there. Snap as many and choose the best one! Sape teringin nak experience, Floriade nie slalu time Spring which dlm bulan sept or oct. So watch for the dates u come for holiday to Sydney. Kalau rajin sewa kreta and just drive down to Canberra. So TQ to Wanie Kecik, Izzat, Omochaa and Nani for temam akak korunk sorunk neyh.. muahhh.. nnt next trip kita pikir2 plak.. owh and tQ for the wonderful time here. Nak tau apa lagi kitaorg explore next dekat canberra wait for my next post!

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