Thursday, October 31, 2013

Reasons behind the reasons

Hellooo october...okay now its already towards the end of october..whats been happening this months? let see...One of the hit thing is somebody actually call me gewdikxxx ...Ooohh EMmm Gee..FOR REAL?? me gewdixx?? soooooooo not me..ahahhaha ^.^ nak gelak pown ada kan? agak terasa actually and macam tak percaya langsung...well for sure I asked around my friends? What do you clarify as GEDIK? cer korunk kasi definition sikit....

Mengikut Urban Dictionary: Gedik is a Malay word, but maybe the whole word should start using it. It describes someone(usually a girl) who acts in a slutty way but not to the extreme, it's kinda like a 'persuasive but cute' manner, where the 'cute' part is usually not from the heart. just check the e.g.
Boy : Hey, leave my noodles alone on that table!
Girl : Aww... can't I just have a little?~ pleaasee....
Boy : A simple "no, u can't"
Girl : aww pweaase~ pwettie pweaasee~ (puts finger on her lips and nods a little while staring straight to the boy's face)
Boy : Omg, u r sooo gedik me slutty nahhh i dont think not me...persuasive not so sure am i? cute that might be the only it ahhahaha...kidding..i know im nahhh im not gedik..ahahhahaa...

Okay wateverlah pasal gewdix tu..ehehhee... whats up with me in October? well.. this month the only intresting thing ive found out is... I've found the answers that I've long needed to hear. Even its not from the person itself, but ALLAH has send me the answers in unpredictable ways which from someone else who happen to have similar stories and situation with me. 

Well so weird and so amazing how you can known a person for 2 days and you can be so closed to the person that you feels that they known you forever. So happen he used to have the same best friend character just like me. But after his married they no longer in contact. Just like me... so it curious me how he felt and whats his true feeling? why he doesnt approach her even they understand each other so well more than anyone can understand themselve. So he give me what his point of view which makes sense why my best friend did or act the same way. I know everything happen for a reason and also for the right reason. Yes you may be angry but believe there's always explaination behinds someone's decision unless they "sound mind" so that would be acceptable. 

I've learned to know that no matter how long you know a person, no matter how close you are with the person, it never ever occurs to me that he may b cant accept kekurangan dalam diriku. Yes he knows everything but doesnt mean he can accept it. Well thats only one point i can think of why it didnt workout. The second point would be may be he knows I deserve better than a person like him...ehehhee not tat im saying i'm a good girl..and his not a good guy..Just may be...may be we just not meant to be together..The third point, is nothing kills a friendship..sampai mati pown persahabatan akan kekal abadi... somehow, I do believe that we cherish the friendship more than anything, despite what people say about us. Or may be we just to people who used to confused of our own feelings wether its friendship or rship? whats matters is we feel good to be around each other.

A person advice me that never misinterpret a guy signal which i always did. What do i mean by that? well... its normal right when you start to get to know someone and lets say you kind of like the person any act of being nice such chatting as frequent as it can be or feels lilke being cared for..for sure will makes you feel happy...instead gals always misinterpret the happy feeling as OMG i think i like this guy..which may be u dont really like the guy, you just love the attention given..which in the end if its not right you will get dissapointed over and over again everytime you get to know someone knew who happens to make you feel good... so Girls or aware..If a person really like will feel their sincerity towards you...Go with the flow but dont hold yourself just because you scared of getting hurt. Life itself is a risk.. evday you need to take risk in everything you do. Sometimes you might fall down along the way and may be hard for you to get up again..keep trying to get up until the pain of falling heals up and walk again until you reach your destination. 

What ever is set for you is something that it meant to be even its not something that you want coz not everything that you want is the best thing for you. Everything do happen for the right reason.

Believe that setiap insan diciptakan berpasangan.. Adam pasti akan jumpa bersama tulang rusuk nye yg hilang di saat dan waktu yang telah di tetapkan. 

So thats all for OCTOBER...NOVEMBER please be nice and more exciting than ever as i sure hope DECEMBER would be the most fun month of the year 2013.. stay tune

-kisses: LURVETIA-