Saturday, April 23, 2011

...Wedding Dress...

Today I don't know why I was so keen about wedding when I realize in my FB I think 10 of my friends are married. I mean close friends and I'm sorry that i couldnt attend all of you girls wedding..Gosh suddenly i feel so bad. Actually I just found out and I think my 1st ex bf is married..ahahahaha..congratulation dude!! u finally settle down...ahahhahaa...

Then I start looking and go over my friends wedding its just so amazing how they all looks.Stunning.All of you!! I wish my wedding day I would be as beautiful as them. Some of them even have kids already and some are on the way..Woot woot..Young Mummys..LUCKY YOU!!

Well as I observed most of them will wear white during the 'AKAD NIKAH'..Of course aite..Thats what makes we pure and start a new life with our love ones. The journey as a husband and wife starts now..ahahahhaa..

Then during the reception is where the creativity and colourful dress comes in. I can see that Grey or Silver always be the colour.I guess it is shining and beautiful colour. Even i like it. huhuhuu...hurm..ill take it into one of the choice of colours.ahahahhaa...

One of my friend Farah...hurm..well actually we were schoolmates back then in primary school which 15 years ago. We meet again at the reunion about a year or two ago.She had a red wedding dress..It was lovely..Love the Red Colour babe..Suits you..

 NurHayati my schoolmates in secondary school about 11 years ago. She was married in a purple wedding dress. Unlikely people choose the colour but it turn out to be beautiful. Very purplish. Very nice colour indeed dear. You sure look lovely.

Min..I meet her when we were studying in Perth around 6 to 7 years ago. She was my aunty housemates. We used to be so closed. Used to had this challenge sape kurus dulu..hauahaha..funny..Of course she win thats why she get married first. Anyways I just Love her Yellowish with Black Lining Wedding Dress..So nice okay..You look like Indonesian and its a very unique colour too..Nice choice..

Besides that some of my Diplomas Uni friends also get married. Including my Juniors. Hahahhaa...I call her Dilla. She has a great voice indeed. I wonder if she even sang at her wedding. Nways she choose Bluewish colour for her wedding dress. Oceanic blue clear water. Nice and beautiful. doesnt like it...I do.. Most of the old wedding dress of our parents would be in gold colour. For me its a very classic dress if in gold. Well I know one of my classmates in Uni married in gold colour. Iejan or should I address you Kak Iejan even she dont like it. Classic marriage sista.. Love you..

Well some people would prefer simple. Some people would love to have otha type of wedding dress. Such as I dont know a Kimono style or Indonesian Wedding Style and others style too. Well you get married once in your life time..Hope so.. So take this chance and try all other type of dressess too. Like my Uni classmates and also my used to be Housemates. She is so small indeed so she looks so like an Indonesian girl with this dress. So like you love to be different. Nisa Congratulation you d 1st in the house to get married..ahhahahaa...

Well like jewelery, instead of Gold some girls love Silver. Like I said its a choice or your own. Be creative and always try to make your wedding as your dream and final project. Silver always nice one..I love it too..I do prefer silver than gold. ahahhaa..but hey will see later what my colour would dearest friend Syahida, Min and also my pet sis also choose silver for their wedding dress. Nice choice ladies.

 So, pretty isn't it...Well thats Malay Traditional Wedding Dress. Obviously we have our own identity of the wedding. However, some people do love to have more Western type of wedding dress just like Western people. White dress like a Royal Princess and the guy be in a Tuxedo and looks smart and charming on their special day. Some of my dear friends back in my high school days in Perth also get married. Congratulation Negar and Jing Jing. I love both of you so much. 

So people, wait and see how my wedding dress would look like on my wedding day.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

ThE ChOcOHoLiC...

Hey hey hey..Well this post about chocolate is inspired by my friend..ahahahaha..well his just been to doubt that Langkawi is the Chocolate Paradise in Malaysia..Eat Chocolate till you cant eat them anymore.Whatever type of chocolate you want would be there, but do be careful..always survey first for the cheapest price so its worth buying..ahahahaa...

Too Cute To Eat
Well Guess in aussie..damn the chocolate just so cheap especially Easter is so near..i mean cheaper than you can imagine..well dont start to convert the currency..but i think some is actually worth it..ahahaha...i'm not a fan much since takut makan chocolate sakit gigi..ahuahahaha..but sure chocolate do have lots of good thing...just love to buy it..makan skali skala..not all d time..thats d good part of can always keep the chocolate for a long time of if kids come ill give them the chocolate..ahahahaa..see its a good way to attract the kids..ahahaha..bonding2..ahahhaa..learn that from my lil sista...

This is ALL MINE..Each cost less than $10 dollars
(Mcm less than RM10 in M'sia...ada??)

Some girls love chocolate and some are not. Girls are easily charms when boys buys them chocolate. It shows that they are as sweet as the i right? But some otha girls dont like chocolate because people said that chocolate makes you fat!!!! Did you know that facts is so not true.. and to take notes of this..Chocolate is said to be good in improving your Eat more chocolate while you study..well don't overdose yourself with it..hauahhaa...

So to all my friend yg tgh Final Exam nie..jom sama2 buy chocolate and eat while you study!! Chaiyok2..GOOD LUCK you ALLs.....

Love T

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

안녕하세요 an-nyeong-ha-se-yo

Well this time just to xpress my love over korean drama. Believe it or not I've watched all of the Korean's drama above and i can sure tell you all about each and every drama. I can spend  d whole day watching all the korean drama. I love watching it all alone so i can really feel the sadness the loving and all the emotion that i was suppose to feel. ahahahhaa..Well i am a big fan of crying..ahahaha..easily touch my heart. I have no idea how many times i cried for korean dramas...just love them.

The one thing i love about is they teach you how to be so strong even one after another problem comes out ur way. That's why i love watching them because they really have so many things that you can learn just by watching. One of it is to be patient for whatever that might happen to you. Either you get sick or you been dumped by the person you love. It seems that things always happen for a reason. May be you wont know now but sooner or later you will know why it occurs that why. Even at one point you may not have a chance with the person you love but if you are really meant to be together, no matter what happen you will be together sooner or later. Happiness is there for you somewhere just waiting the right time to show up and make you the happiest person on earth.

As I'm watching the drama. Along the way you will love the actor or the actress. I obviously will fall for all the actors...ahahhahaa..Gosh they are so damn charming and handsome in their own personality and style. Some of them just normal but the way they act..I can never say no to them if they fall for me..ahahaha...oppsssiie..thats what i do..dreaming...Wishing to meet all of them n just have pictures of them and me taken would be enough for me....Sometimes I even wish i get one boyfie just like them!! Amiiiiiiiiiinnnn.....

Well in life there is nothing possible. Sometimes even the impossible thing can happen or things that you never expect to happen can happen. For example when you dream of falling in love with your crush that you know never ever would look at you since his so damn howt n you so damn ugly. Well guess what things like that do happen. Even in real life. Some people will fall in love with your personality your warm n care side. So never loose hope. Everything is possible. There's nothing wrong with dreaming right? Plus its free to dream whatever you like with whoever you want..But remember dont forget to come back to reality..

Anyways if you like to watch all the above drama. Find them. I even have some of the Soundtrack.You know how you always hook up with the songs once you finish watching it.Hahahaha...Let say people have collecting stamps as their hobby..Guess what mine is..Collecting Korean Drama and Soundtracks..ahahahha.. Here are the list of the above drama if you wish to find them. Really recommend to watch all of it. As for me i have a new list of drama that i havent watch!! Enjoy people...

1.Playful Kiss
2.Beautiful Days
3.Full House
4.Which Star Are You From
5.Coffee Prince
 6.Princess Hour
7.Glass Slippers
8.18 vs 29
9.Autumn In My Heart
11.Love Story In Havard
12.A Love To Kill
13.My Lovely Sam Soon
14.I am Sorry I Love You
15.Witch Yoo Hee
16.Wonderful Life
17.My Girl
18.Stairway To Heaven
19.Sassy Girl Chun Hyang
20.Dream High
21.Tree In Heaven
22.Summer Scent
23.Winter Sonata
24.Personal Taste
25.Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Launceston Day View...

        Another short trip that I experience during my time in Australia is to Launceston which located in Tasmania as well. It took 3 hours’ drive from Hobart. Along the way there are so many interesting views that sometimes make me feel like I’m in New Zealand as there are so mana sheep scattered around the place. Besides that there is also black cow if I’m not mistaken. Huhuhuuu..interesting aite. Nways Launceston is more to country side of Australia. Lucky me, Ive got to experience a MASSIVE Country side Garage Sale..ahahahhaa..Funny how they just lay all their thgs without thinking of the weather and stuff.

At this garage sale i also found something funny that they can even sell the gas machine..ahahahhaa...I wonder if its still working..Well this is where i get my 2 dollar mini hair straightener.What..its cheap and its still working perfectly.
They even have this great view of country side and to all the people who love to photoshoot this place is well recommended for your shooting session..ahahaha..
Example of the shoot picture will look like...ahahahaha..pst: sorry no other model..ahahaha...only me..

Before we even arrive at the main city of Launceston. Boom..hey we in Perth.Aahahhaaa...I dont know why they even have all the states name for their name of the place. Including Brisbane too. Funny when i check in people thought I was really in Perth. Sorry guys its just kind of a Perth Village not Perth bad.

Somehow I wonder if I actually meant to do Architecture instead of Accounting cause i always fascinated by the building stucture in Australia or wherever I go. They seems so unique and interesting just like the windmill and also the house in Launceston.

After meeting all the Malaysian student here. I was taken to this amazing place by 3 or the student.Male student to be exact.ahahhaaa..Well they were very nice. Tq guys.

This place like heaven for people that love nature. That is the CATARACT GEORGE. They have the most awesome view that you can never imagine seeing it live with your own eyes. Another great place for shooting.ahahaha..whats with me and photographing..ahahahhaa.. They also have open pool for you to picnic and enjoy during summer. Its open for public used. Seriously it is well taken care pool. Clean.ahahahaa.. This place also known for hiking and place for camp if im not mistaken. But do beware of the Tasmania creature. They also have peacock everywhere. ahahahhaa...I'll bet you cant see them unless in zoo. Here you can. Like i said its awesome place. Not to forget you can also experince taking the cable car across the lake where you can see all the views of the place. Well i havent really get the chance to try it but i will someday. Amiiinn..ahahahhaa...Just be careful not to drop you camera while on it. Im sure it will be a gone case.ahahahhaa...

Well here they have a long bridge that you can cross over if you dare. From the picture above you can see the bridge cant you..Well i did. ahahaha..awesome exprience.

So people Thats all for the Launceston adventure. Meet me at my other blog story. See ya...