Thursday, April 21, 2011

ThE ChOcOHoLiC...

Hey hey hey..Well this post about chocolate is inspired by my friend..ahahahaha..well his just been to doubt that Langkawi is the Chocolate Paradise in Malaysia..Eat Chocolate till you cant eat them anymore.Whatever type of chocolate you want would be there, but do be careful..always survey first for the cheapest price so its worth buying..ahahahaa...

Too Cute To Eat
Well Guess in aussie..damn the chocolate just so cheap especially Easter is so near..i mean cheaper than you can imagine..well dont start to convert the currency..but i think some is actually worth it..ahahaha...i'm not a fan much since takut makan chocolate sakit gigi..ahuahahaha..but sure chocolate do have lots of good thing...just love to buy it..makan skali skala..not all d time..thats d good part of can always keep the chocolate for a long time of if kids come ill give them the chocolate..ahahahaa..see its a good way to attract the kids..ahahaha..bonding2..ahahhaa..learn that from my lil sista...

This is ALL MINE..Each cost less than $10 dollars
(Mcm less than RM10 in M'sia...ada??)

Some girls love chocolate and some are not. Girls are easily charms when boys buys them chocolate. It shows that they are as sweet as the i right? But some otha girls dont like chocolate because people said that chocolate makes you fat!!!! Did you know that facts is so not true.. and to take notes of this..Chocolate is said to be good in improving your Eat more chocolate while you study..well don't overdose yourself with it..hauahhaa...

So to all my friend yg tgh Final Exam nie..jom sama2 buy chocolate and eat while you study!! Chaiyok2..GOOD LUCK you ALLs.....

Love T


  1. waaa besttnyee..choclates makes me happy!

  2. OMG!!!!!
    banyak gle muraah!!!!!!

  3. aku dtg nk gi bli byk2 and i wanna eat it for the whole time i'm there ;p hehe..orytee bebeh?! choc froggy and koala tu ade x?

  4. Sangat best i love coklat tia... huuuaaaa nak nak...