Sunday, April 29, 2012

Gayut wif Aaron Aziz

Tonite is the most precious and happiest nite of my life. Kalah macam orang kena proposed. ehehehhee...well my number one handsome actor AARON AZIZ makes my dreams come true..

Well not 100% .. 20% when i received a picture of him taken by my mom when she was with him.

Then add with anotha 20% when i received 2nd picture of him again from my mom..Hati dah start jeles n wishing if only im there face to face...then received the 3rd picture my mom n him...

Okay sbb jeles minus 10% but okaylah...still can 30% of my dreams like coming true tonite. suddenly without any idea..n just thinking okay my mom call me just to make me jeleous and telling me how amazing for her to meet aaron..ttbe dgr mama ckp hello..jap ye tia aaron want to speak to you..IM like...speechless..the moment dgr he say HI heart beat like stop...OMG aaron aziz on the other line...seriously..sbb terlalu xcited dr nak record tak jumpa butang and just talk with him.

His wif your mom like yes i know..i just tweeted to u the picture tadi...(^^,) his like owh sorry lam recording studio tak leyh bawa phone. then im like okay..tq so much for calling. do come to sydney one day...(^^,) he said day kalau ada rezki. n he said thanx for the gift from sydney. im like (lupa jap d bg gift..ahahaha) n said..owh no worries...welcome..n regards to k.diyana(his wife)...

Then he pass the phone to his brother plak..abg anaz..ehehhee..kantoi jap neves pas ckp ngan aaron..ahahha...his like hie tia..tgh mkn 'ice cream ke' like tak d lah..its cold here..(he said ke nervous td) like yeah a little bit lah..ahahaha...n again jemput dtg sydney plak nanti..ahahhaa..n there you go the short conversation with aaron aziz n family...ahahhahaa...

Letak jewk phone mmg daku giler jap n sbb terlalu xcited..sampai nanges..sbb mcm tak caya i actually spoke to my heart throb actor..aaron aziz...hero melaya babe...haish...feels like im sistas was laughing watching me crying like hell sbb in shocked!! BUKTINYE..gambar daku nanges d tweet ye..wpun HODUSH...bru nampak real...ahahhaa

So add another 20% cause i get to spoke personally with him on the phone. still shocked. Tq to my mom for the amazing surprise letting me spoke to him on the phone. so now 50% of my dream come true tonite.
More surprise when he actually reply my tweet..ahahahaha...setelah sekian lama..wish for him to reply..tonite he did...(^^,) up anotha 10% ..(wsalam abg anaz)
and to end this dream land with the exit of his picture autographing for me with my gift right beside him add the value 15%!! 

well accepted and yes well delivered! IM SO HAPPY TO THE MAX...kalo jumpa depan2 not as crazy as this agaknye sbb masih segan...but sbb tak jumpa that makes it more valuable as he has the effort to layan fans from far..75% dreams come true.. SO even something is IMPOSSIBLE to happen..its proven that anything is POSSIBLE! Alhamdulillah...

To abg anaz..salam perkenalan juga..Dah follow ur tweet..(^^,)

TQ SO MUCH...Cant wait for my autograph special from abg Aaron!