Sunday, February 3, 2013

The right time, The right moment..

Feeling lonely is normal for me. Through out my life, there's time we like to be alone but who like to be lonely? Right? Thats why we are meant to find partners in life. People keep on saying, everyone are meant to have somebody to be their partners as in 'JODOH'. Some people will keep in trying one partner after another eventhough through out the relationship they will tend to get hurt everytime. Those people is someone easy to find someone that they think might be their posible -THE 1- ehehee dah bunyi cam H1N1 plak. As the other type of people as in like me. It is really hard for me to actually fall fot someone. Until im very sure I truely like them then yes i dont mind telling them the way i feel. But adatlah kan. Tak semestinya orang yang kita suka akan suka kita like we ske dorunk, erti kata lain. Friendzone. Ahahha...dah biasa. Owh well... sama je how ada orang yang ske kita tak semesti kita akan ske dorunk. Thats what i call hukum karma. Tapi why should we feel bersalah n takut kan. Kalau dia bukan jodoh kita. Maka tak d lah match heart to heart. Betul tak? Ada orang kata, tak semestinya orang yang kita kapel tu akan jadi jodoh kita. Ada yang together bertahun.tup tup kawin orang lain. Itulah namanya jodoh pertemuan tangan tuhan. So believe the one will come at the right time and moment in your life. Disakiti dan menyakiti adalah lumrah kehidupan. It is meant to make you learned about something. Never give up on love.

Well sometimes sampai satu tahap memang give up sangat utk fall or even like someone when all you get is hurt. Tapi feelings is something that you cant control. Most of the times, manusia nie leka. Ada yang jodoh di depan mata n there for you but u dont feel the love to them, why? Well may b not the right time yet. Me myself never fight for who i love, bukan tak sayang. Tapi kalau kita fight pown bukan jodoh kita tak kan jadi juga unless both hearts knows n fight for the love. Cinta banyak bertepuk sebelah tangan sebelum tepukkan tu di sambut oleh orang yang sepatutnya. Okay ttbe jewk ckp pasal jodoh cinta bagai.ahahaa...melalut sudah.tapi still in the contacts of topic alone n lonely. Alhamdulillah, wpun tak dikurniakan bf setiap masa dalam hidup utk teman dan always be there for me, i am please and so happy to be granted with the love from my friends around me. Sampai tak terkira brapa banyak kawan yang i can call my bestest friend. They penghibur hati di kala sedih. Pengmsg (tak tahu lah wujud ke tak word nie) when i truely need them and knows me well n accept me d way i am. So thank you sgt. Again they said friends come and go. Well as for me, yes they do come and go, but most of them go temporary je. They still there when i need them. Sampai kalau balik Malaysia tak menang waktu untuk jumpa all of them. Ehehehee...okay senang cite actually windu giler kat all my friends in Malaysia.ahaha betul lettew bila orang kata i have lots of bf. Bf=best friend.

My grandma penah kata 'Berkawan biar seribu,Bercinta biar satu'.. so kawan insyaallah dah cinta yang satu belum jumpa. Mr.Heart where r u? May my lonelinest and alone status ends with you soon.'ll be THE LAST one..and THE ONE..Eyhh..MY ONE..hurm senang2 je tulis dah lebih 3000words. Kang best kalay boleyh senang buat assignment tulis cam nie. How I wish..ehehee..ok..stop d post now.

Xoxo -lurvetia-