Saturday, December 29, 2012

2012 Recap

2012. So many things had happen. Good or bad that's the nature of human life. No matter where and when you always be tested. The test is to make urge endure the pain and be better bad stronger where one day no one can step on your head and bullied you. 2012 has given me a lot of meaning to life. It's the year that i start my new uni life as an international student in one of Sydney University of Technology Sydney. After a year of waiting for my approval scholarship from MARA the wait is finally ends. I'm officially a UTS  Business student majoring in Accounting. The study life is not as hectic in Malaysia, very laid back with maximum of 4 subjects per semester with only 3 hours of learning per subject. Not bad aite, but somehow it is tougher as the like u to used more practical way of learning instead theoritical bookworm style.

Well another important moments in my life is loosing my love for 12 freaking years and finds out his married. Yes devastated to know. So sad. But hey thats how life is. Even you love a person so much if his not meant for you no matter how long or how u do it, its just not meant to happen. Itu yang di namakan jodoh di tangan tuhan. Not ours. The only thing I could do is to accept the reality fate that brings me to meet my new intresting moments with currently my MR.HEART.

Well technically his not mine yet, except that my heart at ease when thinking about him. Automatically I find myself smiling everytime his in contact with me.'s a story of HOW I MET MR.HEART..hahaha..He actually the second tourist I actually fall for. Last year one pilot came but then when his back he become mr come n go. But this new mr is totally different. May b factor umur..ahahaha..I can say that his a very consistant person. Well his not the type that txt much but alhamdulillah we been contact evryweek for 3 months now. Good eventhough not every day or 24hours. Ehehhee.. just my type so me myself wont get 'rimas' with clingy guy. At times when u dont get enough attention u will get feed-up, but to think of it again, good as we girls liketo crave attention all d time. Sometimes its not necessary pown example when u bored, you text and he didnt reply, haaa mula lah nak emo. Padahal motif emo sbb u bored n his to blame. Hahhaa owh well that what we all gals do. Cute kannn...nasib lah ye kaum adam. So yea, thats abt him, MR.HEART. Eventhough consistant, I wont put hope as he hasnt approach me or so eva..

Okaay nexxxt...hurm..what else had happen in 2012?
Well from my previous post I ecap a lil. 2012 brings 3 of my bestest fren here in Sydney. Curl, Fara and Ina. Then My trip to Gold Coast and thanx for my bestest fren Aisyah, I had fun even just the two of us.. Towards the end of the year, get to meet retist2 like Adi Putra, Rita Rudaini, Izreen Azminda, Rozie Rashid, Farid Kamil and Diana Danielle live in Sydney. Then also meet the Minister of Malaysia like Dato Sri Mustapha Mohamed(Malaysian Minister of International Trade and Industry), Tan Sri Dato Haji Alimuddin Haji Mohd Don(Bekas Pengarah Pelajaran Malaysia) and last but not least Dato Sri Ahmad Shabery Cheek(Malaysian Minister of Youth and Sports)

I guess its time for me to close 2012 book and start a new book of 2013 Tia's Journey of Life. See you for 2013 exciting story.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Now lets explore the fun in DREAMWORLD..  

There are so many things and it is wayyy bigger than the White Water World.
Yang masuk dalam only Me and Aishah..ehehehe..Kids time..the rest drop us only..hehehehe...

Actually I did bought skittles as me getting pening2 nak muntah from the rides..ahahaha..You will see later what kind of rides I'm talking about.ahahaha..Walau apa pown tetap nak naik semua..Ketakutan ku buang jauh2...eheheheh

Time to enter the DREAMWORKS Experience..This is actually my best best part..


"I Like To Move it Move it..."

Lastly is the thrilled of the place..THE RIDES!! They have around 6-7 SCREAMING SCARY RIDES..which i can assure you that you will definately scream out of your lung and your heart like pumping fast and drop dead in few seconds..ahahaha..The Best..If you to scared..then it defited the whole purpose of entering this world..

This is the Giant Drop..Amacam ada bran?? ehehhee..

Yang last nie nasib tak naik..masa nak gerak balilk..I guess it would be our turn that time..tengok2 it stuck half way..ahahhaa Imagine macam tergantung kat dinding..Alaa spiderman plak..ehehe..but hey wont stop me from trying..ehehehe..

So apa lagi DARE YOU GUYS TO TRY all the RIDES!
Next trip to Gold Coast entering the other two WORLD THEME PARKS
Wait for my post if ever i get to go again



They have two wet world. Wet and Wild  and White Water World. I only get to go for White Water World this time. The rides was awesome..ehehehe..Even some wasnt as adventure but hey just go with it n have fun..ehehehe..KIDS TIME IS BACK!

Told ya, feels like a small kid..ehhehee...wait until you see all the rides..more fun...ehehehe.. they have around 6 - 7 rides.. owh there's one that i dont actually dare to go..ehehhee.. i guess next trip..ehehehe..

So thats all the rides..ahhahaa..Next lets follow me to DREAM WORLD in my next post..ehehehe..
Dah macam promoter plak..ahahhaa...
Worth a trip okay!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

APE : Apple Picking Experience

One short trip with my family about an hour and half drive I think... The best part my lil bf was here. ehehheee... Omel jewk bawa this lil boy jalan2..ehehee.. He also enjoy picking and eating the fresh apples..ehehhee.. So adorable..

Nyummy..sedap nye..dah separuh Aydin makan..

Its been ages since we had a family day out. My lil sis one family is here too.. so it added up the fun. 2nd time experience picking fruits. The first one when my brother do a summer job picking the cherries at a farm which around 3 hours drive further up from Sydney.
Semua melayan this lil boy..ehehe..mama papa ku hey its my apple okay..

Then while waiting to pay for the apples yang nak bawa balik, sempat lagi photoshoot in the orchard..Seriously nice view!! ahahaha..First Me shooting..ahahhaa..

My Lil bf pown shooting jugak..harus lah Like Aunty Like Nephew..ahaha..Mak dia pown sama jugak..

Pilih pilih apple..Rambang mata nak makan mana satu..ehehee..

Juicy giler..Korunk patot try!! ehehhee...if only he can talk time nie..

Ahahahaa...amacam leyh masuk iklan ke billboard tak?? 
I'm so Happy..sampai tak mo balik..

Kan dah cakap..baik nye baring..NEXT TOP KID MODEL(^^,)
My best memories is picture time with lil boyfriend..melayan kerenah dia..ahahaha..haish geram tau.. 

On our way back we make a pit stop at a Blue Mountain Botanical Garden nearby the place. But that time the flower tak blooming lagi..but okay lah..still a nice place to rilex and picnic family.. jalan2..

So tu lah one day trip that you should go if you come to Sydney..tapi kena check jugak if musim apple ke tak? ahaha..kalo dtg time tak musim tak dpt le nak pegi..ehehhee..There's othe nice place in BLUE MOUNTAIN like the three sisters and Wenworth Waterfall..Totally a Good place to fully rilex walking nature..nak tahu cam ne rasa.. kena tunggu my next update bila me dah pegi..ehehehe..


The best thing stay in oversea is u get to meet the artist and the ministers..ahahaha.. well actually simply because you are the residence, they the tourist so when they came here, they will be in our the chances of they being nice and closer to you is more. Our existence as their fans will much appreciated by them. So just wanna share some of the Famous peolpe I've met while in 

My Cuzzy (Faith Zakie)

Meet Harith Iskander the Malaysian Comedian came to Sydney for his show with few other comedians..Seriously, I was having a LOL night..ehehhee.. meet him again on the way back home alone.. so tu le dpt pic one to one with him..ehehehe...Awesome!!

She came to SYDNEY for holiday. Well actually I didn't know she's an actress until my lil sis told me when I posted a picture with her. I know her because her cousin told me to please accompany her cousins there. So yea I met her as my friend cousins..Turn out to be..a howt-e yet simple n sweet personality person..Adorable the baby cuzzie..ehehee.. so thats why I have camera crazy time with her..

She seems quiet at lah me pown tak cam her at first..skali baru tingat  her acting in TENTANG DHIA..yes she is the evil character yg masa tgk mmg macam nak sepak2 jewk..ahahaha..means your acting is good sis..turn out to be..masa jumpa..OMG dia mmg le sweet mcm dalam pic nie..ehehehe.. her autograph just the best n cheeky and sweet it..pleasure to meet you sis..

Give her a memory of Sydney Crystal Ball

At the same time I also meet with the howt handsome actor ADI PUTRA and also the famous "Anak Mami" cheeky character RITA RUDAINI. They came here for a shot trip to shoot for their upcoming new drama "SEHANGAT ASMARA". Its a pleasure to be able to follow them and spend time and see how they actually shooting..eheehe.. They actually just like normal people who do their job...Well they both awesome..ahahhaa.. Abg Adi is totally a funny person tak caya bila lam movie his so serious and charming while Kak Rita very sweet and cute personality..Manja lah jugak..d best word is Adorable.. Some picture of me and them..


He pose with my gift as a reminder of SYDNEY..ehehhe...small crystall ball of SYDNEY


Kak Rita with my gift SYDNEY Crystal Ball
Came along with them is an actress who sometimes play as mother or as sister..ROZIE RASHID..She so happening okay..ehehhe..enjoy her and she so friendly..ehehe.. n funny..sempoi abes lah lepak..ahahhaa..

Through out my life I also used to meet other Artist..Here's some of my collection pictures with them...Blessed Life..ahahhaa





The Tourist

The visitors that I meet before summer approached us..

Haaa ni kenapa ada dua pic..yang atas ialah yang adik..bawah is the abang...ehehe..well iras kan? ahaha duuh dorunk adik the adik while my trip in New Zealand..ahahha kesian kena buli bawa jalan bila yang abang dtg Sydney return favorlah wpun tak dpt bawa jalan mana sgt..beside making new friends..ehehehe.. paling best dpt add new crystal ball from darwin! yeay tq..nway keep in touch..

Well Hazman and Zamak..first memory knowing them is " WHAT A SMALL WORLD" ahahaha... from unrelated become so related..ahahha tu orang kata tak kenal maka tak cinta..eyh eyh...maksud tak kenal maka tak tau..ahhahahaa...

Aunty Ogy and aunty wan has been a great help and fun while my mom is away..ehehhe.. cumel jewk..i can see myself n my besties travel together just like them.. They like a temporary moms while our mom tunaikan kewajipan menunaikan giler bangun2 food is ready..makan g class balik lepak2..ehehehe..
Brunch ready 
they here sampai lah pagi Raya haji..pagi2 their flight back home..uwaaa tapi left us pagi raya with Rendang and Kuah kacang...nyummy..ada jugak santapan di pagi raya..Thank You ye aunty2 sekalian..

Okay cite pasal Asam Pedas sedap okay!! lama giler kowt ngidam nak masak tak happy dpt makan...ehehhee...Love it! Nah nie buktinya..ehehhee..uncle cooking..woot woot..I love to learned so I can masak utk future Family..for now masak utk My family..ehehhee..

A night meet with USIM master student trip here in Sydney.. They all remind me of my seniors masa zaman asrama dulu..Well hope the do keep in touch. Short meet doesn't mean it wont last..ehehe..great people..sape ada family problem i can refer you guys to them Future Family Counseling..Its better to get help than too late kan?

And lastly Fun time with Aunty Azimah.. ehehee plan ngan aunty..ehehe..hope one day will be full fill by me..(^^,) only us know..ehehe..Insyaallah..Amiiin.

Meeting people is fun, cause you know you learned may b not much but something from them.
Be nice and respect them no matter who they are.

BEST FRIEND in Sydney, Australia

This is special blog dedicate to my bestest friend yg SELAMAT menjejakkan diri ke with LOVE DOWN UNDER city SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA.. Sayang korunk! so kawan2 ku yang lain Anda Bila Lagi?? okay baru perasan dorunk nie nak kata pakat tak kenal pown each otha tapi semua baju tema OREN..ahahahaha Suratan atau Kebetulan? ahahahhaa...nways cherish every moment you girls here..

Fara and me one of the pit stop to Wollongong..We know each otha since 2005 Diploma part 1.. Even hardly meeting up or contact I know we always support each other and happy for each other..lots of love..thanx Fara datang Sydney!

Unexpected finally we meet again.. after 12 years seperated..ahahaha ..lama kan tapi nie lah kawan ku masa  form 1. Kenal pown tak lama tak sampai seminggu kenal but now we meet again in Sydney and close than ever..ahahhaha.. Ina ang mmg kwn giler ku forever..sayang kat ang..oppss..terkeluar plak slang kedah ku..ehehehe..

She's my friend dr zaman Diploma..even we start as Hate but we end as LOVE..ehehehe..Curl or nama sebenarnya Azlin.. Been there for me n support me always.. Love You lots..tak kan ku lupa kalau tak kerana jasa u suh i drive kreta u tanpa confidence mmg sampai skunk tak terdrive kreta..ahahaha... Thanx babe!! owh she's here the longest as she did practical here at my mom OFFICE..