Saturday, December 29, 2012

2012 Recap

2012. So many things had happen. Good or bad that's the nature of human life. No matter where and when you always be tested. The test is to make urge endure the pain and be better bad stronger where one day no one can step on your head and bullied you. 2012 has given me a lot of meaning to life. It's the year that i start my new uni life as an international student in one of Sydney University of Technology Sydney. After a year of waiting for my approval scholarship from MARA the wait is finally ends. I'm officially a UTS  Business student majoring in Accounting. The study life is not as hectic in Malaysia, very laid back with maximum of 4 subjects per semester with only 3 hours of learning per subject. Not bad aite, but somehow it is tougher as the like u to used more practical way of learning instead theoritical bookworm style.

Well another important moments in my life is loosing my love for 12 freaking years and finds out his married. Yes devastated to know. So sad. But hey thats how life is. Even you love a person so much if his not meant for you no matter how long or how u do it, its just not meant to happen. Itu yang di namakan jodoh di tangan tuhan. Not ours. The only thing I could do is to accept the reality fate that brings me to meet my new intresting moments with currently my MR.HEART.

Well technically his not mine yet, except that my heart at ease when thinking about him. Automatically I find myself smiling everytime his in contact with me.'s a story of HOW I MET MR.HEART..hahaha..He actually the second tourist I actually fall for. Last year one pilot came but then when his back he become mr come n go. But this new mr is totally different. May b factor umur..ahahaha..I can say that his a very consistant person. Well his not the type that txt much but alhamdulillah we been contact evryweek for 3 months now. Good eventhough not every day or 24hours. Ehehhee.. just my type so me myself wont get 'rimas' with clingy guy. At times when u dont get enough attention u will get feed-up, but to think of it again, good as we girls liketo crave attention all d time. Sometimes its not necessary pown example when u bored, you text and he didnt reply, haaa mula lah nak emo. Padahal motif emo sbb u bored n his to blame. Hahhaa owh well that what we all gals do. Cute kannn...nasib lah ye kaum adam. So yea, thats abt him, MR.HEART. Eventhough consistant, I wont put hope as he hasnt approach me or so eva..

Okaay nexxxt...hurm..what else had happen in 2012?
Well from my previous post I ecap a lil. 2012 brings 3 of my bestest fren here in Sydney. Curl, Fara and Ina. Then My trip to Gold Coast and thanx for my bestest fren Aisyah, I had fun even just the two of us.. Towards the end of the year, get to meet retist2 like Adi Putra, Rita Rudaini, Izreen Azminda, Rozie Rashid, Farid Kamil and Diana Danielle live in Sydney. Then also meet the Minister of Malaysia like Dato Sri Mustapha Mohamed(Malaysian Minister of International Trade and Industry), Tan Sri Dato Haji Alimuddin Haji Mohd Don(Bekas Pengarah Pelajaran Malaysia) and last but not least Dato Sri Ahmad Shabery Cheek(Malaysian Minister of Youth and Sports)

I guess its time for me to close 2012 book and start a new book of 2013 Tia's Journey of Life. See you for 2013 exciting story.

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