Thursday, June 11, 2015

Love ME Like I DO

Kengkadang rasa haish life is not fair!! nape senang je some girls or make it general some people tukar ganti partner. Break and in one week there u go another person approach them. giler ah. well there is a risk for that but dont u just envy them??? may be sebab dorunk comel or cantik or handsome or kaya or manja or yg sewaktu dgnnya. heheee... call that Lucky!! While some other people amik bertahun to even attached with someone after their break up. Which in a way telling us we love a person more and clearly not easy to let go and accepting other people. Bukan lah nak kata yang easy move on tu tak sayang but they just easily buang yang keruh amik yang jernih. But itulah masalah manusia sekarang. I admit even me. Its just show people love to hold to the memories of what if this and that than admit hey its life. Move on. Sometimes dlm diri tu tau je u definately akan jumpa yg better or may be a person that you need even its not what u want. Allah knows the best.

My friend told me, be with the person who loves u and like u. Okay...let me check..sape je yg ske aku kan? ahahahhaa... well so far not one that i know of that want to approach me. But again kalau pikir2 if they approach me would i be ready to accept them for who they are. well...admit i will if i do like the person too. But LIFE clearly u wont get the person u like liking you as much. right? So unfair again. Ske je tgk yg kawin sama cantik sama padan. Mcm baru2 nie Hairul & Kek nis. pergh purefect indeed. kita yg sederhana nie..sape lah bakal teman hidup. Not to say to go for looks. clearly org handsome tak d nye nak kat aku yg sederhana nie. tapi tats the beauty of JODOH. Sometimes kita pown tak terjawab kenapa org baik ni nak kat kita yg jahat or nakal neyh with so many negative past mistakes or even nape lah mamat handsome nie ske kat aku.Macam dreaming je kan. Girls it do happen. so thats why u'll see mamat nie handsome but pompuan dia alahaaaiii.. or pompuan tu howt giler skali ske kat nerdy sloppy guy. ehehhee... byk dah pown movie2 and drama tunjuk its POSSIBLE. yes ladies it is possible. ahahahaa... in the end it all comes to keserasian. 

So here's a problem like im guessing not only me but most or some girls would have in their mind. Am i too skinny? or may be because im fat no one like me... or may be my skin is not flwless like the korean or the howttie girls. well everyone have their own imperfection coz no one is borned perfect. may b looks like they do but there will alwasys be something. such as in their characteristic or something. I keep reminding myself that someone who love me will never care how i am. because they love me for me. but then, my lil sis used to say, tak d maknanya laki nak kita yg macam tu. well ada lah may b 1% of guys population. majority will still go for pergh, comel nye minah nie, or giler ah howt seyh minah nie. or crazy and fun seyh minah nie. mcm comel je mcm cantik je. so ladies and girl. its okay to try hard to be cute or pretty if u know u r not borned like that. hahahaaa.... afterall usaha tangga kejayaan kan? so nak laki handsome or stable kenalah usaha perbaiki diri sendiri. Yes a guy friend once told me when i just broke up with my ex. Its okay now stop focus on finding the right guy but start focus on improve yourself in so many ways. not only ilmu dunia such as for girls cooking, kemas rumah, lipat baju and yg sewaktu dgnnya. Ilmu akhirat pown kena jugak improve like better aurat cover, mengaji and also cukupkan solat. itu mmg dah wajib actually but again im not perfect. 

Wahhh bukan main best aku mengarang kan?? cuba kalau tulis and jawab exam mcm nie. comfirm awesome giler! tak yah susah2 nak pening pale apa nak tulis. i guess i have to start reading my notes so i can jawab like this. after all they want to see ur understanding. ahahahaa...

So ya, no matter how you want to be but most important is be yourself and not anyone else, coz u cant pretend forever kan? lagi2 dah kawin nanti tinggal serumah, mengadaplah partner each other for the rest of yourlife. no make up, sloppy on your lazy day and also tak pandai masak. ahahhaa... that all can be improve throughout the years. the perfection lies in the beauty of the eyes of the beholder. memandai je kan aku create quote sendiri but itulah apa nak disampaikan. mungkin di mata kita orang tu perfect enough but not dekat mata orang lain. it all comes to individual perception of one person. Sekian saya Teartika mengarang untuk kali ini. STUDY woiii tia. ahahhahaa...