Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Erma Fatima Shooting Experience

Hurm Last time I had a wonderful exprience with a shooting of a drama series "SEHANGAT ASMARA with the howt and charming Adi Putra and sweet Rita Rudaini. Last week, despite having a mid term exams, I had the chance to join the Shooting Crew of Erma Fatima for I dont know what movies are they making. 
It was a pleasant time joining with them where all of them is so friendly and heart warming personality. Not to mention...OMG my all time favourite idol ERRA FAZIRA was here too..

This is the 3rd time I'm meeting her here in AUSSIE. The first two times were when I was at Perth between 2002-2004. She still stunning and pretty as ever! same size even now she's a mommy..HOWT MOMMY..like seriously and still look young as ever.. 

Hurm..Aunty Erma was so incredibly nice...Tq for letting me Tagged along to see the shooting..ahahhaa.. Wasnt that long pown being with them but the surely nice crew!! Love it..Hope to keep intouch..ehehhehe
From Sydney they all flew to GOLD COAST for their shooting.. Sorry wasnt that expert about GC..ahahhaa kesian aunty tanya me macam2 about shopping in GC. Im just not a shopper much..ehehhe..(well depands on the mood tho) ahahhaa..

Nas and Nabila super sweet couple.. they totally enjoy each otha company..Ske tgk dorunk couple yang so laid back and have fun..Nas sempoi abes, even sorry Nas i actually tak tgk pown lagi u TOP MOVIE 'KAMI' ahahhaa..ill get to it soon okay..even thats been ages already. PEKIN pown sempoi abis..ahahahhaa...awesome time wif korunk!!

Kak Umie Aida..Pretty just like ERRA FAZIRA, I absolute adores how this ladies maintain their looks and pretty and shape..OMG... sgt menjadi Idol.. and they looks so Elegant in watever they wear. Love it.. She herself so polite and sweet sgt! ehehhee... ni bukan memuji kenyataan okay..

Zul know him as one of UITM MELAKA student back then in my Uni life...ahahaha...tak sangka kenal or jumpa time kat Sydney..ahahhaa.. Good Luck in your career BRO..

Arri..cute and sweet..ahahhaa future actor nnt nie..Keep in touch kayh...ehehhee...just fun n kesian slalu kena buli..ahahhaha...

Kak Reen and SIS...and abang2 camera..hehehee...korunk mmg rock...best n sempoi..Keep intouch lah ye..

ahahaha..beria suh keep in touch bukan dorunk baca pown..ahahha owh well who knows kan..ahaahhaa..nway tu lah short story how my 2 days knowing and spending time with them.
Even a short time doesnt mean cant last a long time friendship.
Pleasant to even know and meet them..cause I know not everyone get the chance to do so..
And to my friends, Im sorry tak ajak jumpa dorunk.BUkan tak nak me myself pown tak expect to get and spend time. All happen kebetulan..Unexpected turn of event..Owh well..ni nama rezki masing2.. 

Not to meantion..I Get all their autograph!! woot woot..added to my collection for sure!!




Hey..Ohhh EMMM Gee... its been a while since my last entrance of my blog yg tak sefamous mana pown..Just a piece of my thoughts and a reminder for what had happen in my life currently.. Ookay..topic of the day perubahan...

Yes its a big step for me to change to fully berhijab now. Alhamdulillah. Well soklan yang people always asked, what makes me change? Dah dapat hidayah ke? ehehhee..hurm..well somehow i think in my case.. Nope no hidayah needed..ahahaha..Hidayah as a fren pown dah banyak. Its all about hati and when u ready or not.

I dont know why tetiba I'm willingly wanting to wear HIJAB. May b everytime i wore it i feel peace and happiness. Not to mention, sweet and pretty.. Ahahahah...welkk..who cares.. nak puji diri kan hashtag #inisemuapoyo. ehehehe...

Its all started with a day went for baca yassin and also the next to majlis ilmu in Arncliff mosque, then ttbe occur to me owh why not kan start pakai terus, so terus lah pakai when Im off to the beach or jalan2. Plus it feels good when everyone supporting me and that "ONE" person pown said that its suits me better. So I was thinking, Hey may be its time for me to change. Yes I'm gonna miss showing people how pretty my hair is and how sexy I look with my free hair style ehehhee..(again prasan sendiri) but its okay..nnt all this pretty and sexy of me only for the MR.D'ONE...sape? Me myself and I dont have a clue who.. even I have that one person in HEART! shhh...Its a secret I'll never tell...xoxo

ahahahhahaa...So Hello to HIJABSME...

Okay thats the NEW ME! 
Im Happy and Alhamdulillah is a change for the better Me
You know you love me