Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Tourist

The visitors that I meet before summer approached us..

Haaa ni kenapa ada dua pic..yang atas ialah yang adik..bawah is the abang...ehehe..well iras kan? ahaha duuh dorunk adik bradik..meet the adik while my trip in New Zealand..ahahha kesian kena buli bawa jalan NZ..so bila yang abang dtg Sydney return favorlah wpun tak dpt bawa jalan mana sgt..beside making new friends..ehehehe.. paling best dpt add new crystal ball from darwin! yeay tq..nway keep in touch..

Well Hazman and Zamak..first memory knowing them is " WHAT A SMALL WORLD" ahahaha... from unrelated become so related..ahahha tu orang kata tak kenal maka tak cinta..eyh eyh...maksud tak kenal maka tak tau..ahhahahaa...

Aunty Ogy and aunty wan has been a great help and fun while my mom is away..ehehhe.. cumel jewk..i can see myself n my besties travel together just like them.. They like a temporary moms while our mom tunaikan kewajipan menunaikan haji..best giler bangun2 food is ready..makan g class balik lepak2..ehehehe..
Brunch ready 
they here sampai lah pagi Raya haji..pagi2 their flight back home..uwaaa tapi left us pagi raya with Rendang and Kuah kacang...nyummy..ada jugak santapan di pagi raya..Thank You ye aunty2 sekalian..

Okay cite pasal Asam Pedas sedap okay!! lama giler kowt ngidam nak masak tak tahu..so happy dpt makan...ehehhee...Love it! Nah nie buktinya..ehehhee..uncle cooking..woot woot..I love to learned so I can masak utk future Family..for now masak utk My family..ehehhee..

A night meet with USIM master student trip here in Sydney.. They all remind me of my seniors masa zaman asrama dulu..Well hope the do keep in touch. Short meet doesn't mean it wont last..ehehe..great people..sape ada family problem i can refer you guys to them Future Family Counseling..Its better to get help than too late kan?

And lastly Fun time with Aunty Azimah.. ehehee plan ngan aunty..ehehe..hope one day will be full fill by me..(^^,) only us know..ehehe..Insyaallah..Amiiin.

Meeting people is fun, cause you know you learned may b not much but something from them.
Be nice and respect them no matter who they are.

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