Tuesday, December 11, 2012

APE : Apple Picking Experience

One short trip with my family about an hour and half drive I think... The best part my lil bf was here. ehehheee... Omel jewk bawa this lil boy jalan2..ehehee.. He also enjoy picking and eating the fresh apples..ehehhee.. So adorable..

Nyummy..sedap nye..dah separuh Aydin makan..

Its been ages since we had a family day out. My lil sis one family is here too.. so it added up the fun. 2nd time experience picking fruits. The first one when my brother do a summer job picking the cherries at a farm which around 3 hours drive further up from Sydney.
Semua melayan this lil boy..ehehe..mama papa ku hey its my apple okay..

Then while waiting to pay for the apples yang nak bawa balik, sempat lagi photoshoot in the orchard..Seriously nice view!! ahahaha..First Me shooting..ahahhaa..

My Lil bf pown shooting jugak..harus lah Like Aunty Like Nephew..ahaha..Mak dia pown sama jugak..

Pilih pilih apple..Rambang mata nak makan mana satu..ehehee..

Juicy giler..Korunk patot try!! ehehhee...if only he can talk time nie..

Ahahahaa...amacam leyh masuk iklan ke billboard tak?? 
I'm so Happy..sampai tak mo balik..

Kan dah cakap..baik nye baring..NEXT TOP KID MODEL(^^,)
My best memories is picture time with lil boyfriend..melayan kerenah dia..ahahaha..haish geram tau.. 

On our way back we make a pit stop at a Blue Mountain Botanical Garden nearby the place. But that time the flower tak blooming lagi..but okay lah..still a nice place to rilex and picnic family.. jalan2..

So tu lah one day trip that you should go if you come to Sydney..tapi kena check jugak if musim apple ke tak? ahaha..kalo dtg time tak musim tak dpt le nak pegi..ehehhee..There's othe nice place in BLUE MOUNTAIN like the three sisters and Wenworth Waterfall..Totally a Good place to fully rilex walking nature..nak tahu cam ne rasa.. kena tunggu my next update bila me dah pegi..ehehehe..

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