Saturday, April 23, 2011

...Wedding Dress...

Today I don't know why I was so keen about wedding when I realize in my FB I think 10 of my friends are married. I mean close friends and I'm sorry that i couldnt attend all of you girls wedding..Gosh suddenly i feel so bad. Actually I just found out and I think my 1st ex bf is married..ahahahaha..congratulation dude!! u finally settle down...ahahhahaa...

Then I start looking and go over my friends wedding its just so amazing how they all looks.Stunning.All of you!! I wish my wedding day I would be as beautiful as them. Some of them even have kids already and some are on the way..Woot woot..Young Mummys..LUCKY YOU!!

Well as I observed most of them will wear white during the 'AKAD NIKAH'..Of course aite..Thats what makes we pure and start a new life with our love ones. The journey as a husband and wife starts now..ahahahhaa..

Then during the reception is where the creativity and colourful dress comes in. I can see that Grey or Silver always be the colour.I guess it is shining and beautiful colour. Even i like it. huhuhuu...hurm..ill take it into one of the choice of colours.ahahahhaa...

One of my friend Farah...hurm..well actually we were schoolmates back then in primary school which 15 years ago. We meet again at the reunion about a year or two ago.She had a red wedding dress..It was lovely..Love the Red Colour babe..Suits you..

 NurHayati my schoolmates in secondary school about 11 years ago. She was married in a purple wedding dress. Unlikely people choose the colour but it turn out to be beautiful. Very purplish. Very nice colour indeed dear. You sure look lovely.

Min..I meet her when we were studying in Perth around 6 to 7 years ago. She was my aunty housemates. We used to be so closed. Used to had this challenge sape kurus dulu..hauahaha..funny..Of course she win thats why she get married first. Anyways I just Love her Yellowish with Black Lining Wedding Dress..So nice okay..You look like Indonesian and its a very unique colour too..Nice choice..

Besides that some of my Diplomas Uni friends also get married. Including my Juniors. Hahahhaa...I call her Dilla. She has a great voice indeed. I wonder if she even sang at her wedding. Nways she choose Bluewish colour for her wedding dress. Oceanic blue clear water. Nice and beautiful. doesnt like it...I do.. Most of the old wedding dress of our parents would be in gold colour. For me its a very classic dress if in gold. Well I know one of my classmates in Uni married in gold colour. Iejan or should I address you Kak Iejan even she dont like it. Classic marriage sista.. Love you..

Well some people would prefer simple. Some people would love to have otha type of wedding dress. Such as I dont know a Kimono style or Indonesian Wedding Style and others style too. Well you get married once in your life time..Hope so.. So take this chance and try all other type of dressess too. Like my Uni classmates and also my used to be Housemates. She is so small indeed so she looks so like an Indonesian girl with this dress. So like you love to be different. Nisa Congratulation you d 1st in the house to get married..ahhahahaa...

Well like jewelery, instead of Gold some girls love Silver. Like I said its a choice or your own. Be creative and always try to make your wedding as your dream and final project. Silver always nice one..I love it too..I do prefer silver than gold. ahahhaa..but hey will see later what my colour would dearest friend Syahida, Min and also my pet sis also choose silver for their wedding dress. Nice choice ladies.

 So, pretty isn't it...Well thats Malay Traditional Wedding Dress. Obviously we have our own identity of the wedding. However, some people do love to have more Western type of wedding dress just like Western people. White dress like a Royal Princess and the guy be in a Tuxedo and looks smart and charming on their special day. Some of my dear friends back in my high school days in Perth also get married. Congratulation Negar and Jing Jing. I love both of you so much. 

So people, wait and see how my wedding dress would look like on my wedding day.


  1. edition ;p
    x saba tgu turn tia plak.kekekke..

  2. soon kak fara plak kn? hehe ;p
    btw, dilla dh khwin ke? omg! say congrats to her for me aite.
    well, u have to find the man first thn bru blh khwin..hehe..take ur sweet time need to rush cz u need the freedom bebeh! hahaha...

  3. Fara: bfore aku nye fara ko nye turn dulu..ahahhaaa...aku nye turn..haish sabo ye..ntah bila akan tiba..
    Nym: ahahaha..yup i know..huahaha..mmg take my time sungguh..ahahaha..nways my wedding ko the designer kan kan kan? u know slow bab2 this thg..n out of taste!! ahahaaa...

  4. waa tya aku termasuk skali...
    nway cant wait for ur wedding, u must be so lovely n pretty nnt. time tu aku dah berisi balik heee!
    luv ya!n miss ya for sure!

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