Sunday, December 11, 2011


It's been a while i haven't blogging about anything. Now I'm Back...with more cheerful and happy me. My HOLIDAY back in MALAYSIA for  3 months had open my eyes a lot in viewing everything around me. My Family, My friends, and whoever that close and relates to me.

For some reason, somehow my trip back is to end some relationship in my life and and also to start few new relationship. Even it is a sad trip but I've also gain so many new memories with all the people that value and appreciate while I'm there. Thank YOU...

I'm happy to know that I'm back on my own feet and back being the joyful and cheerful me who can make new friends anywhere and anytime and also bring a smile to my friends that hang around me. Ive gained back my self confidence in myself. I MISS THIS ME..and I'm glad that i found it again. It's true when people say something are learned through experience.Once you had enough chasing over someone one day you will stop as u get tired. ahahahaha.. well have to admit LOVE IS BLIND...Now I'm more happy just being by myself n being LOVED by all my dear friends.

Well, Single is not a bad thing. Most people say, bila ada jodoh you will eventually be with someone. I do and truly believe that. Ive heard so many stories. Being in a relationship doesn't guarantee you anything. Except that you have the permission to touch here touch there and stuff..ahahahhaa..funny aite, but that's how new generations rolls nowadays. So my dear grandma and mother, don't worry. One day a good guy who successfully win my heart will come and asked for this princess hand.  Well keep it an open heart. As long I don't hurt any feelings I think it should be fine to keep my option open. FAIR CHANCE GUYS..

Now I'm more certain what i want in life. What kind of life i want. What are the things that i want to achieve. For sure, I need and will be completing my DEGREE here in AUSTRALIA. No matter what I have to complete this.Annnnnddd yes I know eventually I wont be so young when I finally  complete it which the next three years. Who knows along this journey i actually found my prince.ahahahahhaa...daydream begins.ahahhaa...

The old Tia attitude and character of being emotional and depressing life is the new TIA will begin her journey with happiness and FUN in her life. Babysteps..slow and steady.

Now wait for my next post about all the fun activities i do..
-MISS LurVetia-

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