Sunday, December 11, 2011


this GORGEOUS, CUTE, SWEET, CHEEKY gal who always wanted by guys who firstly met her is

My dear honey n true BESTFRIEND!! I love you so much.
So in order to get her you guys have to go through me first for interview session screening session whether I approve you or not..ahahahhaa...coz she's my GAL!!

Its been a while since we actually know each other and since day one we became so close to each other like a long lost sister. Well im so bad with dates but im so good with memories what we had since we know each other...READY??oppsss..get ready with tissue..

We met at persidangan KELAB UMNO LUAR NEGARA 2009. Hahaha..still remember when you used to think I actually do MASSCOM..ahahaha..well.. from there our friendship starts by getting to be in d same room as we the only girls around..ahhahahaa..AIM..cuci mata lah sgt..but we make new awesome friends. Don't we? With same background not having PMR and SPM I feel awesome that i found the same girl like me even you actually much older. Owhh overseas we b friends regardless of age RIGHT??

we had our bday bash moments..BIRTHDAY SURPRISE TIME!!!

 whenever we have time is to spend with each matter what we r doing or wherever we r we'll find time to see each other and of coz updates things..huhuhuhu...

Nothing will tear us apart so easily as we are so bonded together like sisters and friends..huhuhu...tq for all the gift and cute things and memories for me to appreciate and cherish the rest of my life..ahahhaa..

we so different yet so close together

Although distance seperates us will make time and find ways to keep in touch.. comes the technologies-

You make my trip back more worth it as you were always b with me most of the time since day one i touch my foot in MALAYSIA and till my FEET left MALAYSIA again..u always there..and i know u b there because u want to not because you have to..THANK YOU! I wont forget all the fun time we had together and all the dramas that we had..ahahahhaa.."no one can understand us better than US".

Thank You for a great memories..and remember be yourself not be the person people want you to be..some one used to say to me..(which u know who)..your life is what your view  not what people views on you"..does that make sense?? in easier words..dont care what people wanna judge you..your true friends will accept you the way you are not how your dress up will b..same for a guy. A guy who truely LOVEs you will accept and love you the way you are even we are not perfect. Please be confident...HELLO ehemm have to admit we got the looks HONEY!!

~Love You S-Love You T~
-MISS LurVetia-

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  1. teartika!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I love with u lots n lots n lots!
    you are the sister i never had
    im glad i found you
    and i miss you soooo damn much