Friday, December 16, 2011


Since Diploma, even one by one of you out from UITM..we always make a point to meet at least once every semester break. That tradition is still on until now. Its like I'm back for semester break. My ex accounting friends a.k.a my besties never failed to make time and meet me..ahhahaa..

Every single time we meet, I always have the best time of my life. Just eating n laughing and everyone talking about how their life have been..Updates all the latest gossips..ahhahha..We always meet at all different in a way we covered all the mall in KEY ELL together..ahahahha...intresting kan?? So next time me balik..fikir tempat okay..ahahhahaaa..eyh lupa plak next meeting will b in SYDNEY kan??? 
checklist :-

From this picture we can c how we all grown to be somebody compare few years back..ahahahha..we dont contact much but still up to date about each otha. Now semua pown dah besar kan?? ttbe tingat FIFI..ahahahhaa..."ko dah besar kan?" ahhahahaha... Dulu all budak hingus bru nak idup n still all dah kije..except me study tak abes2 kan..ceh mcm le aku jd DR..ahahhaa..kawin ngan DR mungkin lah kowt...ahhahaha..

Each one of you plays a role in my life..
FARA - my sista that always give me support n strenght
YAN - being wif you always put a smile on my face no matter how sad or stress i am.ahhahaa..cant help it lah...aku gelak ko gelak ko gelak aku gelak..ahahahhahaa
SUE - my roommates my matter how far mmg aku mesti cri ko for comfort..
ZIZI - my lil manja 
RADZI - as usual..kejap ada kejap ilang..touching jewk lebey..ahahhaa
FARID- my coach..ahahaha..n bdk tecik..kalo korean called magnae..d youngest..alway ok jewk apa pown me said..
OD- my forever classrep..sempoi abes
FAIZ- mr secretive yet adventure..

Really wish that each one of you akan sampai menemui ku di SYDNEY!! you all always be in my heart..


MISS LV -kelas u ols-

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