Wednesday, April 20, 2011

안녕하세요 an-nyeong-ha-se-yo

Well this time just to xpress my love over korean drama. Believe it or not I've watched all of the Korean's drama above and i can sure tell you all about each and every drama. I can spend  d whole day watching all the korean drama. I love watching it all alone so i can really feel the sadness the loving and all the emotion that i was suppose to feel. ahahahhaa..Well i am a big fan of crying..ahahaha..easily touch my heart. I have no idea how many times i cried for korean dramas...just love them.

The one thing i love about is they teach you how to be so strong even one after another problem comes out ur way. That's why i love watching them because they really have so many things that you can learn just by watching. One of it is to be patient for whatever that might happen to you. Either you get sick or you been dumped by the person you love. It seems that things always happen for a reason. May be you wont know now but sooner or later you will know why it occurs that why. Even at one point you may not have a chance with the person you love but if you are really meant to be together, no matter what happen you will be together sooner or later. Happiness is there for you somewhere just waiting the right time to show up and make you the happiest person on earth.

As I'm watching the drama. Along the way you will love the actor or the actress. I obviously will fall for all the actors...ahahhahaa..Gosh they are so damn charming and handsome in their own personality and style. Some of them just normal but the way they act..I can never say no to them if they fall for me..ahahaha...oppsssiie..thats what i do..dreaming...Wishing to meet all of them n just have pictures of them and me taken would be enough for me....Sometimes I even wish i get one boyfie just like them!! Amiiiiiiiiiinnnn.....

Well in life there is nothing possible. Sometimes even the impossible thing can happen or things that you never expect to happen can happen. For example when you dream of falling in love with your crush that you know never ever would look at you since his so damn howt n you so damn ugly. Well guess what things like that do happen. Even in real life. Some people will fall in love with your personality your warm n care side. So never loose hope. Everything is possible. There's nothing wrong with dreaming right? Plus its free to dream whatever you like with whoever you want..But remember dont forget to come back to reality..

Anyways if you like to watch all the above drama. Find them. I even have some of the Soundtrack.You know how you always hook up with the songs once you finish watching it.Hahahaha...Let say people have collecting stamps as their hobby..Guess what mine is..Collecting Korean Drama and Soundtracks..ahahahha.. Here are the list of the above drama if you wish to find them. Really recommend to watch all of it. As for me i have a new list of drama that i havent watch!! Enjoy people...

1.Playful Kiss
2.Beautiful Days
3.Full House
4.Which Star Are You From
5.Coffee Prince
 6.Princess Hour
7.Glass Slippers
8.18 vs 29
9.Autumn In My Heart
11.Love Story In Havard
12.A Love To Kill
13.My Lovely Sam Soon
14.I am Sorry I Love You
15.Witch Yoo Hee
16.Wonderful Life
17.My Girl
18.Stairway To Heaven
19.Sassy Girl Chun Hyang
20.Dream High
21.Tree In Heaven
22.Summer Scent
23.Winter Sonata
24.Personal Taste
25.Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy

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