Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Launceston Day View...

        Another short trip that I experience during my time in Australia is to Launceston which located in Tasmania as well. It took 3 hours’ drive from Hobart. Along the way there are so many interesting views that sometimes make me feel like I’m in New Zealand as there are so mana sheep scattered around the place. Besides that there is also black cow if I’m not mistaken. Huhuhuuu..interesting aite. Nways Launceston is more to country side of Australia. Lucky me, Ive got to experience a MASSIVE Country side Garage Sale..ahahahhaa..Funny how they just lay all their thgs without thinking of the weather and stuff.

At this garage sale i also found something funny that they can even sell the gas machine..ahahahhaa...I wonder if its still working..Well this is where i get my 2 dollar mini hair straightener.What..its cheap and its still working perfectly.
They even have this great view of country side and to all the people who love to photoshoot this place is well recommended for your shooting session..ahahaha..
Example of the shoot picture will look like...ahahahaha..pst: sorry no other model..ahahaha...only me..

Before we even arrive at the main city of Launceston. Boom..hey we in Perth.Aahahhaaa...I dont know why they even have all the states name for their name of the place. Including Brisbane too. Funny when i check in people thought I was really in Perth. Sorry guys its just kind of a Perth Village not Perth bad.

Somehow I wonder if I actually meant to do Architecture instead of Accounting cause i always fascinated by the building stucture in Australia or wherever I go. They seems so unique and interesting just like the windmill and also the house in Launceston.

After meeting all the Malaysian student here. I was taken to this amazing place by 3 or the student.Male student to be exact.ahahhaaa..Well they were very nice. Tq guys.

This place like heaven for people that love nature. That is the CATARACT GEORGE. They have the most awesome view that you can never imagine seeing it live with your own eyes. Another great place for shooting.ahahaha..whats with me and photographing..ahahahhaa.. They also have open pool for you to picnic and enjoy during summer. Its open for public used. Seriously it is well taken care pool. Clean.ahahahaa.. This place also known for hiking and place for camp if im not mistaken. But do beware of the Tasmania creature. They also have peacock everywhere. ahahahhaa...I'll bet you cant see them unless in zoo. Here you can. Like i said its awesome place. Not to forget you can also experince taking the cable car across the lake where you can see all the views of the place. Well i havent really get the chance to try it but i will someday. Amiiinn..ahahahhaa...Just be careful not to drop you camera while on it. Im sure it will be a gone case.ahahahhaa...

Well here they have a long bridge that you can cross over if you dare. From the picture above you can see the bridge cant you..Well i did. ahahaha..awesome exprience.

So people Thats all for the Launceston adventure. Meet me at my other blog story. See ya...

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  1. nice place for photography :) thanks for sharing. will consider soon. huhu