Sunday, March 27, 2011


Tasmania is well know for the tasmania devil. it is a small species which looks like a wombat but have a dracula teeth..ahahaha..well thats how i describe it. Like i said its my blog not your blog..ahahaha..

When i first came out to me that tasmania symbolize my sisters name. Well most probably i misses them too much to come out with their name..TASneem + MAma + taNIA...ahahahahhaa..sorry sisters...nways lets get back to out journey.

I flew from Melbourne straight to Hobart, Tasmania. Well it took us about one hour or fourty five minutes flight. When I arrived it was a bit cold and windy. The airport itself is very small where the area for baggage collection is d same as the arrival area. so your family can easily grab your bag together with you.ahahaha.. I must reminds me of Perlis small yet not so bad...ahahaha...

I was brought to a country cottage or homestay as i was told that in hobart they dont have service apartment or a hotel. It was like a house..simple house with green stuff around the house. Very nice. Compare to malaysia, it reminds me of waking up in Cameron where full or flowers n trees around the house.

Hot Latte
Hot Chocolate
Then first thing in the morning..what would you be looking for if its not BREAKFAST was hard to find a shop that open early in the morning..Somehow we did find one called MURES. Officially my favourite breakfast here is the raisin toast..simple but with butter and of coz simply the hot chocolate or latte..

Around this place they also have all different statue. Its more like a harbor where all the interesting ship around including very similar pirate isnt it??


Besides all the places i also found a very antique vehicles and also some interesting names of a shop and also a place that reminds me of my friends. The people live so peacefully and relax. Even the surrounding was so peace. hahahaa...very good place to relax your mind and just enjoy your life without the city busy and hectic surrounding.


Funny even a chess set in the middle of the market...ahahaha..i know in Malaysia they have it too in THE CURVE...very similar indeed..Its a good place for children to play too while the adults are having a discussion or chat over coffee.

Owh..not to miss out a very interesting Alley that hidden in the market call Kelly Steps. I found this out through a painting in one of the shop area. Very nice indeed for a photoshoot.ahhahahaa...feels like im in Korean dramas where they have similar surrounding..ahaaha..oppps DRE

As meeting the Malaysian students here..we get to go to their main uni where most Malaysian is said to study there. Im sure their life experince staying in Hobart would be their most memorable one. The Uni is call UTAS which stands for Univerity of Tasmania. Later ill show you another branch of it in Launceston which 3 hours drive from Hobart. The main major here is all future Malaysian doctors will be from here.

Well Aussie states is not complete with a beautiful beach view. We did went there for a couple of minutes just to have a look although it is very windy..I must say the wind blow as if we all right in the middle of the ocean. VERY COLD...but sure did catch a nice photos.ahhahahaa... It sure is a family vacation eventhough without my two sisters..MISS YOU..TAS..NIA..ahhahaaa...

The journey in HOBART ends here..


  1. very good describtion bout tasmania.
    plus nice drawing of hot choc~