Thursday, March 17, 2011

J3LaJaH SydN3y

On d 5th of march we were invited to join an EXPLORE RACE called JELAJAH SYDNEY. The fees was AUD3$ just for joining the bbq..and AUD5$ to join the game and also get free might as well grab d tshirt there are 5 of us..4 of us all the new comers..thanx to TAWFIK is out tour guide...thank god we have him since his so familiar with sydney city..othawise we'll be LOST..ahahahaa...there are few major check points..include the SYDNEY OPERA HOUSE for the last check points..and on that day it was my first time taking d public transport..ahahahhaa..gosh it is more expensive than i think..well what to do..playing for fun..the positive side of it..we get the chance to EXPLORE the city...

Speacial thanx to the Photographer Mr.Thaqif and his I-Phone 4 for amazing photos.

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