Thursday, March 17, 2011

Friends for LYFE...

            Once upon a time, i was a quiet girl but ive change since im back from Perth. Ive become so friendly and there i met all the great friends along the way of my life. People always have one or two besties but i have lots. You all are my trusted friend that always i turn to when i have problems. I hope you all will stay as my friends forever till we all have kids..ahahhaaa....

During my first semester i was lucky to be part of the class...where i met the 3 or them and of cos my beloved roommates that been with me for 3 them all in their own ways..we share so many stories together..although through time each of us going to different direction we still make a point to meet up every semester break...ahahahahaa...thanx to all of you n love you lots.. must be wondering who??

         Fara....we met at class 1D kan?? well i dont know how we even get close its just happen kan..all the great memories bring us together. For the past 5 years we've been so close even you change to otha college..memories of first semester is the strongest ever. n tq for still keep the friendship alive..nway i really thankful that u send me the otha day till d last gate..means ull d last person that see so sorry from the bottom of my heart tak dpt nak jadi ur bridesmaid...ahahhaa..i was pretty excited too and so honoured..however im happy that i could make it to ur engagement the other day..nxt ill be attending ur baby shower i guess..ahahahhaa..cant wait...we sure had fun for the first year sleepover ur room and accompany u to blood donation n went to En.Aziz Samsom class..ahahahaa...all those moment wont be you..wait for you to come n honey moon or holiday..more photoshoot here okay..ahahhaa...take care..

Yaaaaaannn......pejam celik pejam celik lama kan kita kawan..ahahaha...remember how u used to say that im a miss match back then in uitm..ahahaha..sbb dr atas sampai bwah one colour..hurm..out of all ko mmg paling lain n seriously what have you done to the old yan...seriously ko handsome skunk..adeyh...jgn nak kembang d style..keep it up ye..well as we both know d moost i like abt u..hurm..bila aku duk ngan ko comfirm asyik gelak jewk..ahahaa..aku gelak ko gelak..ko  gelak aku was fun knowing u n tq for being such a gud fren..mmg best cite ngan ko mr.siti nurhaliza crazy once upon a time...ahahahhaaa...although we hardly in contact somehow u still my best friend that i ever had...hurm not too mention u also mr.secretive..ahahaha..nways udah2 berjalan ye..kumpul duet dtg sini plak..utk photoshoot..ahahaa..lets hope ill achieve my target..t we both leyh jd model utk photoshoot sendri..ahahahaa...keep in touch kayh...n jaga cik fara kite sementara still available..reunion every cuti sem wajib diteruskan..who knows one of the reunion korunk 3 org dtg sini..ahahahaha...xoxo

          Ziizi a.k.a Gbo...ahhahaa..well zie..sometimes ko nie nak jewk aku cekik2..sorry to say mcm lalang..ahahaha..but hey thats what people do to success..well i dont care that...i know deep down u r a good friend of mine..n i love you..well be who u r..let people judge..once you'll find your true friend then they'll accept you for who u r..i know u n u know how i am..lets just shhhh to our self never fair..but trust me they all happen for a reason..whenever youll need me..always buzz me okay in ym..we can webbie..ahahhahaa...nways...set priorities n be d man that success..i know u can once you set ur mind. i adore you of that with so know u have me, yan n fara always..keep in touch with them day people will know how lovely to have u as a friend..nobodys live ur life as you want it...btway  pls bagi sue baca blog u know miss not so IT tuh...suh lah halim show ke or i prefer ko show her.

babeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.....seriously masuk part ko jewk aku nanges teruk giler nak tulis nie...hahaha..duh..wats my name tah..tear..nways..ull know i miss you d most...i miss  our time together selama 3 tahun being roomates..going to class together n all those moments ko ngan aku...dr start nanges abt tak dpt bilik..and then abt aku nak kena ehem ngan those stupid ppl..start on that day mana aku g ko sure teman..n i know because u one knows me too well beside me..uve  teach me a lot of things without realizing it..n i know u follow me too..dr tak ske lagu indo sampai ko pown layan sama..aahahhaaa..remember all those moment includes abt guys n stuff..ahahahahaa..what a moment of being glad now u finally found d one u love..ahahhaa..n as for me...masih menanti..ahahahhaa..ceh dah cam cinderella lah plak..somehow..everytime i run into problems i will definately find you then after nanges2 cite kat ko baru aku lega..u r d most craziest friend ever..ill wait for you n our planning...ahahahaa...comfirm tak ingat kan pe planning nye..nways you r my best best best best best 1 at heart....ttbe tingat time we both cry bfore our p6 end..ahahaha...ko kawen tak jemput aku siap ko!!ahahaha...tgk POOH kalo windu aku kayh..kalo ko geram kat sape2 ko tumbuk kepala dia yg botak tuh..or perut dia yg leklok..kalo stress msg aku..okay..t aku sms no aku kat ko...muaxxxxxx...

You Guys are my bestfrens since DIPLOMA's time...and im so glad that we still in all of you..thanx for making my life more interesting by being around me..MUAXXXXX...MISS ME okay...cepat datang sini!!! we snap snap snap more photoshoot!!!!
pst: FARA n YAN..sejak bila kita semua berlumba ada anak buah..pwasan tak?hauhahahahaa....
mula2 anak buah aku..then..fara then yan...ahahahhaa..when think of it..FUNNY!!
all cute babies with lovely aunties and uncle...
there's one baju for my nephew..nnt if ada me belikan for niece n nephew korunk gaks...but have something abt aunty n uncle!!
Ada for uncle too..but its in MELBOURNE

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  1. my eyes i misting seriously!!!
    i neva realised that u still hv dat pic (since my lappy r gone).the short hair..yeah,i cut after single.pretty cute.weee~
    yaaa i agree..we hv d similarity when it comes 2 d babies.wat a coincidence ;p
    p/s-eydin,medina & iman r waiting 4 d tshirt!!