Sunday, May 20, 2012


Bye bye Aunty Tenten Im Leaving....

My precious lil bf already went back to Malaysia for good. Gosh not even 24 hours yet I already misses him so much. This house seems so quiet without him around. His laugh and also his crying. 

I had the best time even tiring. His my happiness. Always will be. Now I'm crying like a person just been left by her bf..well he is my lil bf right? aunty have to focus on study. Will go back and see you again okay. 

No more him comin into the room and searching for my Iphone to play Penguin games, or fruit Ninja or even his favourite Monster Dash game... Day and night iphone please..

Before bed time games first the milk then sleep..

No more him accompany while Im cooking...always come to the kitchen asking me to pick him up to see "Do YOU Smeeeeeellll What aunty tenten is cooking??"...ahahahhaa...Sit still and play his games..

Or even when im eating always wanna sit with me and suap him to..ahahhaa..sharing is caring...
He ate half of my share..good boy keep aunty tenten slim ek..ahahhaa..slim ke? ahahhaa..

Will miss him singing his fav song 
'Ramlah Ram ft Sleeq- Sesaat Kau Datang' ("dhiiiaaa...Rasaaaa...kepadamuuuuu~~~") and 
'ST12-Kebesaranmu'......."kaaaaaauuuu....Haaaaatiiiii" ahahahhaa...
thats all the words he pick up while singing...and also his HI5 playlist in my youtube..."tippy toe" or "martian groove" or "happy house" or "turn the music up" looks like aunty tenten will play it when i misses you!



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