Monday, May 21, 2012


Everyone is a LOVER...and everyone have their secret lover or one true love that they can never be together even the want too..Some LOVERS are better off without each other, but deep down in their heart no one knows who this person truly mean. I do believe in this theory.

Today my lil bro touch my heart telling me the story of a secret lover of all the famous people like shakespeare and picasso. Who confess or express their love through their art in paint and words. The art behind every paint of picasso tells a hidden story of. Like my lil bro..he loves to he express his love in his to merapu yet who cares..ahahahhaa...just feel like saying anything..

Ok...back to my point of secret love.
Some love arent meant to be together even the are bond at heart. The love is so strong makes them hate to loose the person they love or even hurt them. So in the end the leave their loves one and keeps in mind he or she deserve better..pfft..what the?? its not you who decide who they deserve..ahahahhaa..

Lately lots of things remind me of someone..who i thought my secret true love...then i realize..naaaahhh...his not since he can live happily ever mario he chase his princess to wherever she is taken to..or even shrek..who travel to town call far far far away for his lover..then there the true love.

But after watching the theater "LOVE NEVER DIES" makes me think... well its true love never dies.. but they tend to change or even divided...Like in the theater, the gal married someone else as her true love or secret lover dissapear without a word. I guess the guys hoping she'll wait..but nahh..not wasting time i guess and marry anotha guy. When she's back to the hometown, this once her lover try to win her back. As much as she wants too, now she's in love with the husband as well.. Suddenly reminds me of the story of NOTEBOOK...similar things happen. Like i said LOVE DONT DIE..They CHANGE or Divided...but in the end the true love will always unite. Would that even happen in reality with the person who we truely thinks he or she our true love?

Some might say how do you know the person is you true love. Well my definition is where you can never keep a secret between each other as you know the person will always be there and accept you the way you are no matter what you do. whether you a crimal, you a poor person. or you used to be someone you dont want people to know. Yet this one person knows everything and still loves you. This is when you wont realize that the person is someone in front of your eyes or your close friends. You are to comfort with each others that you though he or she just like a blood related. But then you misses them when they no longer with you.

Like a quote " Some people are meant to fall in love but not meant to be together". That's most true love is. They end up sacrificing so their partner have a better life than what they can offer each other.

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