Wednesday, December 9, 2015


DAY 15
Wake up early morning and get ready to catches our train to Brussels. As always we leave a boomerang for our host couples as an appreciation. Hurm… berfikir kejap cam mana nak bawa turun this big bag ke bawah ahahaha…. Hopefully tak tergolek ah. Ehehehe…We also left a notes to our housemate yg dari London tu.. hoping to see them again and keep in touch. Ye lah who knows kan new friends best jugak. So off we go. Manage to find ways to turunkan bag dengan selamat. Menarik and menapak lah kami dengan our bags to the bus station. We catch bus no 27 to the Midi Zuid Station. Mula2 macam owh okaylah tak d orang sgt. Senang nak naik dgn bag gedabak masing2. Elok bus muncul… pergh mcm kena attack okay. Nak tak nak squeez kan jugak diri kitaorg and our bags. Ehehehe…

Somehow we are a bit early sampai kat station, why not gi makan dulu. I mean breakfast. Kang dalam train bukan provide food. Jalan2 ada yg dah buka. Paling pown need my coffee in this cold weather! So ya… survey2 ada lah salmon and cheese and also tuna sandwhiched. Tak jadi nak beli coffee sebab better beli one bottle of water je. So jap2 lagi kalau haus still ada air. Either one ckup lah.

So we dah print our tickets. In a way main masuk je. Find ur platform number and wait for it. One platform ada mcm2 train. So make sure u get to the right platform and also at the correct time. Jangan main naik je. Mula tgk mcm yg blakang2 kosong so we pown gagah gi standby kat blakang. When our train sampai…kelam kabut lari g kat depan2 balik sebab dia buka only few deck je. Penuh kan one by one. Ehehee… tu lah budak confident tadi. Okay the train comfy. Our ride to Amsterdam gonna take dalam 3 hours. 10.45 and sampai dalam 2pm ish.. it’s a free seating seats. Lagi cepat masuk lagi bagus dapat pilih seat. Train yg kitaorg naik tak d wifi pown but ada yg ada wifi may be slightly more expensive lah. You can try and survey kalau nak.

Sebab tak d wifi, me end up drafting my blog dalam Microsoft word. At least something kan. Nak tido macam tak best je and x ngantuk. Nak main game mood game on tak d. nak tgk drama melayu yg ada lam laptop pown mcm tak feel. Tapi mcm feel plak nak berblog sambil lalu and see nice view along our way crossing one place to another. Aishah was so excited the moment we cross the border. Ehehehe…

Halfway through ramai je penumpang bertambah, mcm lucky masa kitaorg naik was empty. Ehehee.. so opposite kitaorg ada young mother or may be sister and this lil boy besar my nephew Afif Aydin. Ehehee.. he and his mother mcm sempoi abes. Comel je. Dah lah mak dia lawa. They stop like 2 stops before our stops. Dorunk naik2 then terus sleep. Ehehe.. what amaze me masa mak dia or sista may be kejut anak dia, alahaii.. penuh lembut and jokes around. Even budak tu mcm liat sikit tapi she keeps on annoys him in gurauan with his minion toy until he actually gelak2 with eye close. Ehehehe… cute je. Imagine kalau normal mother in Malaysia may be akan be so garang when anak tu liat nak bangun. Not all lah but some. Well may be it is something for me to learned for my future self. Ehehhee… well im not getting a kid anytime soon kena kawin dulu lah. Ahahaha…
Sampai je kat Amsterdam. I am amaze dengan how the city looks like. The building sama tapi tak serupa. Like all copy paste but design differently. The central station was so busy. But the people was very nice. Mcm information service pown sangat helpful and first thing first would be finding simcards for aishah. The service for the sim sangat thumbs up. I mean they make sure service dah on baru lah kitaorg gerak. Eehheee.. well we waited for it to works sebab tak mo jadi macam arie tu.

Then we find our way to the tram. Hurm first impression service tram mcm garang even orang yg kitaorg beli ticket. Scary pown ada. Me become a lil moody and no like it the tram service. I mean you can clearly see we first time with big bags. Cakap elok2 boleh. Ladies you can enter with your bag through the back door. We like owh ok. But we try enter through the front because we want to buy tickets from you. Baru lah bagi tau in kasar way jugak, you can buy tickets there too. Bila kitaorg dah masuk baru lah tahu. Tgh2 dalam tram nie ada counter tickets. Ceh…

So we find our ways and where to stop. Turun2 je time mencari rumah dgn gps. Hurm be careful when you lintas sini banyak giler orang naik bicycle. They like rule the city. Ehheehe.. masa dah masuk area rumah cant help it feeling excited. Dia byk view cntik I mean near our house!

A bit lost in finding the house as I mention the building most likely look d same! Ehehehe… so ya… but in d end dapat jugak lah jumpa. Our host house is waiting for us already.

Masuk2 happy with the room condition. Sangat bersih and teratur and cantik okay! I loike. Ehehehe.. best sebab ada coffee and tea and also some bread for breakfast. Baikan? Ehheheee… selesa! We basically wont do anything for today and just resting. Apa lagi nampak katil memang landing terus! Ehehee.. owh d best they have wifi! Host rumah nie baik. In our room theres like plenty of tourist information and attractions that we can browse and read through. Very helpful indeed.

So the rest of the day resting and just keep updating my blog! Time to keep warm under the blanket! Esok will be one the day we start exploring!

View from our room window!
Imagine waking up to this view for the next 4 days!

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